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Yeah, yesterday was SUNDAY and I took part of the day off.

What error message?
I see that visual composer is messed up on the front page…

The only thing I did was update WC Vendors Pro to the latest version and activate your license, as you had asked.

Whatever that code is that I posted above was preventing me from being able to upload the WC Vendors Pro , so I disabled it long enough to upload Pro, then re-enabled it. If you cannot upload images, it might be because you have that code enabled which puts image dimensions restrictions on your site. That has nothing to do with us. Whoever wrote that — you must have asked someone to write code that would limit the image dimensions on your site.

The image upload issue can also be due to having insecure content on your site (install Really Simple SSL plugin and configure) or if your vendors are logging in using a special form instead of the my-account page– they may not be getting logged in using a secure https connection properly.

I did not do anything to Visual Composer- that is your site design/theme and the plugin Visual Composer. If you want those to show up properly, check that your theme is updated to the latest version and/or contact BuddyBoss and ask them for help.

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