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    Philippa Cambers


    I have 2 issues with Stripe connect calculating commission.

    1) When using a % coupon code, even though I have selected ‘before’ in the ‘Coupon action’ field on the WC vendors ‘commission’ tab on my settings, every time a coupon is used (and I have tested with different coupons) the commission is calculated after the coupon is applied. For example, my commission is 20%, ad with a product costing £10 and a 10% coupon used, the vendor receives £7.20 whereas he should receive £8.00. i.e. I want it so that i take the full hit on the 10% discount and they always receive the same commission rate regardless of whether a coupon is used or not. I raised a question on this issue on the ‘pro’ forum a couple of weeks ago but haven’t heard back yet and it keeps happening. NB: I received a coupon order in august that calculated correctly and to my knowledge I haven’t changed my settings since that order – so maybe it was a WC vendors/pro update that did it??

    2) Not sure if this is the same or a different issue, but on Saturday I received an order for 3 products from 3 different vendors but from one person. they used a 10% coupon code. The coupon calculated their discount correctly but each vendor received the wrong commission amounts – same issue as above, on top of which one of the vendors had the full discount from all 3 products applied to their account. the total discount received by the customer was £12.40 and this was taken only off one vendor’s product (when 10% off their product was only £6) and the other two vendors were credited as having had full price transactions. I now have to refund all of the vendors some money – it’s a complete nightmare to try and calculate it all too! This same thing happened when I first launched the site back in April but it was fixed at the time.

    It’s all becoming a bit stressful as we go towards Christmas and I want to start properly running paid ads for the first time, so it would be great if you could offer some ideas for help! Thanks in advance! I’ll add my status report as a private reply below.




    Philippa Cambers

    Here’s my status report:

    My status report is below:
    ### WordPress Environment ###

    Home URL: http://www.themakerplace.co.uk
    Site URL: http://www.themakerplace.co.uk
    WC Version: 2.6.7
    Log Directory Writable: ✔
    WP Version: 4.6.1
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 128 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    WP Cron: ✔
    Language: en_GB

    ### Server Environment ###

    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: ❌ 5.4.45 – We recommend a minimum PHP version of 5.6. See: How to update your PHP version
    PHP Post Max Size: 128 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 90
    PHP Max Input Vars: 20000
    cURL Version: 7.36.0

    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    Max Upload Size: 128 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Remote Post: ✔
    Remote Get: ✔

    ### Database ###

    WC Database Version: 2.6.7
    woocommerce_sessions: ✔
    woocommerce_api_keys: ✔
    woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: ✔
    woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: ✔
    woocommerce_order_items: ✔
    woocommerce_order_itemmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rates: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zones: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: ✔
    woocommerce_payment_tokens: ✔
    woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: ✔
    MaxMind GeoIP Database: ✔

    ### Active Plugins (22) ###

    AffiliateWP: by AffiliateWP
    LLC – 1.9.4

    All In One SEO Pack: by Michael Torbert – 2.3.11
    Ninja Popups: by ArsCode – 4.3.8
    Atelier Demo Content: by Swift Ideas – 2.1
    Breadcrumb NavXT: by John Havlik – 5.5.2
    Contact Form 7: by Takayuki Miyoshi – 4.5.1
    Cookie Law Info: by Richard Ashby – 1.5.3
    Insert Headers and Footers: by WPBeginner – 1.3.3
    oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers: by Storm Consultancy (Liam Gladdy) – 2.2.1
    Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post & Page Content: by Weblizar – 2.3.9
    Regenerate Thumbnails: by Alex Mills (Viper007Bond) – 2.2.6
    Slider Revolution: by ThemePunch – 5.1.2
    Swift Framework: by Swift Ideas – 2.5.19
    Verify Ownership: by Tiguan – 1.1
    WC Vendors – Stripe Commissions & Gateway: by WC Vendors – 1.0.3
    WC Vendors Pro: by WC Vendors – 1.3.7
    WC Vendors: by WC Vendors – 1.9.6
    WooCommerce AdWords Conversion Tracking: by Wolf+Bär GmbH – 1.3.5
    WooCommerce: by WooThemes – 2.6.7
    WP Smush: by WPMU DEV – 2.5.2
    WP Super Cache: by Automattic – 1.4.8
    YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: by YITHEMES – 2.0.16

    ### Settings ###

    Force SSL: ✔
    Currency: GBP (£)
    Currency Position: left
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Number of Decimals: 2

    ### API ###

    API Enabled: ✔

    ### WC Pages ###

    Shop Base: #14879 – /home/shop/
    Basket: #15087 – /cart/
    Checkout: #15082 – /checkout/
    My Account: #15083 – /my-account/

    ### Taxonomies ###

    Product Types: external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    simple (simple)
    variable (variable)

    ### Theme ###

    Name: Atelier
    Version: 2.3.0
    Author URL: http://www.swiftideas.com
    Child Theme: ❌ – If you’re modifying WooCommerce on a parent theme you didn’t build personally
    then we recommend using a child theme. See: How to create a child theme

    WooCommerce Support: ✔

    ### Templates ###

    Overrides: atelier/woocommerce/archive-product.php

    ### WC Vendors Pro ###

    Theme Compatability: –
    Pro Dashboard Page: – #15340
    Feedback form page: – #15341
    Vendor Shop Permalink: – makers/

    ### Templates ###

    Overrides: –




    Firstly, I apologize for the delay in my response to your questions.
    Thank you for providing your WC status and also so many details. If I need more information for testing the issues you have brought up, I will let you know.

    I will be doing some extension testing with coupons tomorrow. I have your question as well as several others form users who are not finding coupon calculations to be as they expect.

    I was able to speak with Jamie tonight and get a better understanding of how admin created coupons *should* function with wc vendors, as I was more familiar with how the vendor coupons should behave rather than the admin coupons.

    If the coupon/commissions settings are set to BEFORE, the admins coupons should work correctly.
    Do you have this set (wp admin > WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Commissions) so that coupons are calculated before commissions?

    I’ll be running your scenario through tests tomorrow to see if I can recreate your issue(s), as well as see how your desired results could be best produced. It will also allow me to see whether there is an issue we need to or can fix within the code.


    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for getting back to me – I really appreciate you looking into it. Yes I have set it to ‘BEFORE’. Just a few more details in case they’re useful: The same thing happens regardless of which coupon is used. We only have admin coupons not vendor coupons active. The discount is calculated correctly at the checkout and the correct payment is taken from the customer.



    Philippa Cambers


    Just wondering where you are with this issue as keeps happening everytime a coupon is used?

    thank you!



    I have done a lot of testing with coupons in the last week.
    What I am finding:
    1. consistently, admin created coupons (WooCommerce > Coupons) are *NOT* working. See explanation below as to *why* they are not working.
    2. I receive a non-negative integer almost every time I attempt to use them. Unless, of course, I am using the wcvendors test gateway, and in that case it works out fine.
    3. If there are not funds to take- then the coupon will not work, Otherwise, you are leaving your merchant processor/gateway in a deficit- which they will not allow. Hence, I believe, the non-negative integer warning.

    ** If you create a coupon for, let’s say $10 off in woocommerce coupons. Admin coupon. Customer adds a $20 item to the cart from vendor “a”. your commissions are set to 90%.
    Customer enters the $10 off coupon. Total is now $10. They attempt to check out… but….
    Where is that $9 remaining commission going to come from that you are still planning on paying your vendor “a”?
    You still wish to pay your vendor for the full product price, correct?
    So.. how are those funds going to be covered? Where are the funds going to come from?

    When using woocommerce coupons in a normal store (non multivendor) this is not an issue, since YOU the admin and YOU also the seller of the products, are providing the discount and taking the hit.
    But.. with multi-vendor, the funds are being discounted with no way to cover the deficit.

    Does this make sense?

    So, in practice, this configuration CAN’T work unless something is changed and the funds for the coupon can be withdrawn to cover the vendor commissions.


    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    thanks for getting back to me and for your explanation. i don’t think that is (or should be) happening in my case as here is my scenario (which did ‘used’ to work – back in August using multi-vendors, vendor coupons and wc pro and stripe connect gateway).

    So here is how it should work:

    My vendors always receive 80% of the RRP.
    My normal commission/fee is 20%.

    When a 10% off coupon is used, I want my vendor to still always receive 80%, but I would only receive 10% in this scenario, so £1 of a £10 purchase. They would still receive £8. The £1 discount is covered. The vendor also pays the Strip fee on top so in practice they do receive slightly less than £8.

    Occasionally I have 15% off coupons and I would receive 5% – £50p.

    But I haven’t used coupons where the vendors promised commission of 80% isn’t available.

    What is happening:

    The customer buys something for £10 and uses a 10% off coupon. They pay £9.
    I get 20% of £9, whereas I should be only getting £1.
    The vendor gets 80% of £9 instead of 80% of £10.

    Therefore because I’ve promised vendors they’ll always get £8, I have to refund the difference manually each time.

    I hope that makes sense and I can’t see why it’s suddenly not working?



    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    I just wondered what the next step is to try and resolve this as it’s becoming problematic for me to have to keep sorting it out for vendors as it’s been going on for several weeks now and I can’t keep saying that I’m trying to resolve it when it’s going on for such a long time!



    Philippa Cambers


    Can someone please contact to try and help resolve this as this is now an ongoing issue and I’d really appreciate someone taking a look at my specific situation and trying to help resolve this.

    thank you



    I understand your frustration, as this has been an issue for you that is as of yet unresolved.
    Jamie will be looking into admin coupons, until then I am at a loss as to how better I can assist you with your specific coupon issue. I have also seen errors with admin coupon calculations, and this seems to occur with different payments gateways, not just Stripe Connect.
    Admin coupons are provided via WooCommerce, and therefore inherently designed for products that would be sold by the site admin; now providing this functionality for for your site while only taking from admin commissions is not always working properly.
    In your scenario- 10% off admin commission.. NOT vendor commission- this should be feasible since you do have the settings set to BEFORE and you are receiving enough commission as admin to cover the cost of the coupon deduction. Clearly, it is not working as expected. Until he is able to sort through this issue and take a closer look at coupons, I do not have any updated information for your or a resolution to your issue.


    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for getting back to me – I appreciate it! I will wait to hear from Jamie – it’s just odd as it was working fine and the fact that it was built to work ok was a big reason for me choosing this solution for my website as i knew the coupons would be important for us.Before i purchased wc pro and stripe connect gateway i double checked it was part of the functionality and it was – has a recent update caused a problem with it?

    I will wait to hear when Jamie has had a look – anything you could do to expedite would be much appreciated!!



    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    I am having further issues with this payment gateway – I had an order a few days ago where the customer had to re-enter details repeatedly and now has been overcharged so I’m having to process a refund. At the same time, there were 3 vendors’ products involved and a discount code was used and only 2 of the vendors received money – each of them overpaid and 1 vendor has received nothing. I also received too much commission. I know Jamie is busy but please can you ask him to take a look at what’s going on with my site as it’s a mess!



    Philippa Cambers


    I haven’t pursued this for a while as I’ve been unwell and just been coping with having to repay vendors commission (and also the embarrassment of having to explain that the issue is still ongoing to them!) but I’d really like to try and get to the bottom of this now I have a bit more time. I’d really appreciate some help to look at why this is happening. It wasn’t happening when I configured it all for my site and I’m not really happy with the idea that admin coupons just don’t work with stripe. I really need to be able to publish coupons that give a discount off all products. Has no-one else had this specific issue? I haven’t upgraded to the latest version of WC pro recently as my 1 year’s renewal period expired and as I’ve had this unresolved issue – I don’t know if you’ve done any recent fixes which might help me? I really love WC vendors pro in so many ways and the support when i was setting up my site was great so it would be good to know what I should try next.
    Many thanks!



    This is not Stripe related- it is due to the admin coupons.
    Admin coupons ONLY work if they are done on a per product level. We cannot support site wide coupons at the order level at this stage. We do everything at a per product level so its not possible to track what part of the discount has or has not been paid in commission. It’s just currently not possible.
    Once we have re-written the commissions calculation.structure in the core of WC Vendors, there will be more options for coupons, shipping, etc. Until then, everything is dependent upon being calculated on a per product basis, so there are limitations to what can be done.

    We created the Vendor Coupons so that coupons could be used; these are not admin coupons, but they do allow for the vendors to create coupons for their products.

    At this time- this is what we have available for coupons, Pip.


    Philippa Cambers

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Obviously disappointing and confusing as it did work for several months when I first launched my website. Do you have any idea approximately when these updates will be rolled out?




    I am sorry- I do not have an estimated time for the work, as that is not yet planned or mapped out at all.
    It will be a second stage of the development of WC Vendors, and I have not been given any kind of time frame for this work.

    It did seem that the admin created coupons worked for some people in some circumstances- but with the way we currently calculate commissions, the only way the admin coupons would work is for the admin’s own products.

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