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    Dietrich & Susanne

    A lot of Payment Problems ! Paypal and Stripe works not correctly !

    Please have a look in this pdf – its with pictures:


    Dietrich & Susanne

    Please help as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Maybe mangopay works better?


    PayPal and Stripe can be used together.
    If the vendor has provided a PayPal email and has connected to Stripe, then anytime a customer pays- either using paypal or stripe- the commissions will go to the vendor at checkout (assuming you have “instant” checked for PayPal Adaptive Payments). If the vendor has not entered a paypal email, and the customers pays via paypal, then the payment will go to admin, and admin will need to pay the vendor their due commission manually. Same for Stripe- if the vendor has not connected to Stripe, then any customer payments via Stripe will be sent to the admin,and admin will need to manually pay the vendor’s due commission.

    Other questions you asked:

    In October 2016 Paypal‐Functions can ́t work in germany. Has it changed?

    I am sorry- what do you mean? Have you applied for PayPal Adaptive Payments? Do you have credentials?

    The first issue:#1. Does the vendor have a paypal email added? What are your tax settings?

    second #2: What are your settings in wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > commissions? What do you have entered for commissions?

    #3 Do you have any commissions set on a per vendor basis? Are you certain that the vendor is connected to Stripe?
    Are you using test mode of live mode for these transactions?

    Dietrich & Susanne


    Hello Anna, to your counterquestions:

    1) Paypal-Adaptiv-Payments can not work in germany, look to this discussion at November 1, 2016 at 6:29 am:


    2) YES, the vendor have a paypal email

    3) Yes, we have any commissions set on a per vendor basis 93%. And: Yes, sure the vendor is connected to Stripe in the live mode.
    Our goal: admin gets 7%
    Vendors have to get: 93%

    Please have again a look to the pdF !!! Something is wrong …

    Dietrich & Susanne

    new Test-Orders and -Payments – please look on the stripe picture.

    cityshop is the admin
    sii-kids is the vendor.

    please use your user-account and help!

    Dietrich & Susanne

    @fervous, @Jamie

    As soon as possible its urgently required, that our problems are solved.

    The error search has already cost us thousands of euros!

    Please do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dietrich & Susanne


    Anna, we are waiting to your answer!!!

    best regards

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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