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    My marketplace – courtesy your amazing plugin – comprises of artists each of which gets a site.com/artist/artist-name as their storefront URL. I would now like to invite art galleries as well and give them site.com/gallery/gallery-name. The galleries would upload products just like artists – just have a different URL. Is this even possible?

    For example:

    Consider Artist page – https://www.mojarto.com/artists/mekhala-bahl
    Consider Gallery page – https://www.mojarto.com/galleries/gallery-espace

    Thank you very much.


    Hi folks, it’s been more than a fortnight since I raised a query. Would love to get your insight on this soon.

    Thanks again.


    That’s a great idea, but at this time with the way a vendor (or on your site, an artist) is defined throughout the plugin makes the vendor/artist role essential.

    I know at one time I had attempted to have two different vendor roles on my own site and I was unable to achieve the proper functions for the second role, despite giving the second role identical per missions to the vendor role.

    Let me look into this further and confirm the “no”, as we may have a way to achieve this with code you can use.


    Hi Anna, thank you for prompt reply.

    It would be amazing if this was possible. It will really cover all my needs. *fingers crossed*


    Marc Bovet


    hi, maybe you can achieve this with URL rewritting ?



    Hi Marc,

    Not sure how I missed your answer here, but would you mind elaborating a bit on this? @Anna I’ve not given up hope. Any chance it could happen in the future version of WC Vendors?


    @chainznanz Hello,
    Ok- well thankfully this is not actually a case of our plugin not working correctly or any fault of the plugin. This is a special functionality you would like to see in the plugin for your own marketplace- a feature that is not currently part of WC Vendors.

    I see I had a replied that we do not have that functionality; as of now, we do not have plans to add this feature to WC Vendors or WC Vendors Pro. Likely this is a custom feature that you could have added to your marketplace by working with a developer, though.

    As is, our code directs to the url you have chosen in your admin settings : wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > general: Vendor Shop Page

    If you were to work with a developer to duplicate the vendor role for the galleries, then create a vendor shop page for them as well- the dev would then need to ensure that both the new vendor role and the new vendor shop page were universally defined throughout our WC Vendors code to be recognized the same as the original vendor role and vendor shop page.

    If you were to discuss this customization with a dev at codeable.io they would be able to work with your and provide you with a quote for the custom work for your website.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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