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    I want to be able to take a 15% commission from all vendors.
    SO I set up WCVendors for this use.
    I enabled PayPal Adaptive payments.

    Followed all the steps to create : <br>

    API Username Set to my main paypal address. <br>
    API Password<br>
    API Signature <br>
    Application ID<br>

    My Vendor has their own paypal email.<br>

    Now when a user tries to purchase a product, they fill our all the info and click proceed to paypal, and then the user gets an internal server error. <br>
    Nothing appears on my error log..

    WC Vendors Support

    You cant just use a regular PayPal account. You need an Adaptive Payment account.



    Hi Ben,

    I’d like to thank you for your expeditious response, and I would like to show you exactly how I set up WCVendors plugin and PayPal. I have set up an Adaptive Payments account with PayPal, please let me know if I’m missing anything (I also disabled all my plugins to test it still doesn’t work):

    1.) I have the latest version of WCVendors installed and Activated:
    installed & activated

    2.) Under the WCVendors General tab, I’ve set the commission for 85% to the Vendor.
    General Tab

    3.) Under the Payments tab for WCVendors I have enabled instantly pay.
    Instant pay checked

    4.) I have now went to the WooCommerce Checkout tab settings to enable Adaptive Payments.
    PayPal Adaptive pay enabled

    5.) Now I’m on the PayPal Adaptive payments tab, these are my settings, I’ve blurred out the private keys.
    Adaptive Payments Settings

    6.)Okay now its all set up on the WordPress end, let me show u my Paypal setup, personal info blurred out.I am under “My selling tools” and about to click API Access.
    My Selling Tools -PayPal

    7.) After I click API Access, this is the screen I get, I click Option 2, View API signature.
    Api Access - View Signature

    8.) This is the same info which I fill into the Adaptive Payments settings on the WooCommerce Checkout tab. See Number 5.
    API Signature

    9.) Next I go to PayPal Developer> Dashboard> My Account. As you can see these are what I have enabled, included payouts.
    Developer Dashboard My Account

    10.) Now I go to ‘My Apps’ under the dashboard and click ‘Create and manage Classic API apps’.
    My Apps, Create Classic API

    11.) That link leads to the developer portal, I’ve already filled out the application as per your instructions and have been approved.
    Application approved

    12.) So everything seems to be set up?? I have a questions about the REST API tab under wooCommerce, by default its checked. should I leave it alone, nothing was mentioned in the instructions about that, see pic.
    REST API??

    13.) Now on the frontend, I try to purchase a product, which is listed by a vendor with their own paypal address not connected to mine. I fill out all the info, and I am completely logged out of wordpress, to emulate the user experience.

    Check out process

    14.) This is the error I get when i click pay order:
    Internal server Error

    So I’m lost here.. I’ve noticed if I’m logged in i get the same error…. what do u think it is? again just to let u know, all plugins are disabled.

    Thanks and appreciate any of the help

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by Bravo.
    WC Vendors Support

    You need a PayPal Adaptive Payments account. Where are you copy/pasting your Application ID from? If you dont have an Application ID, you have the wrong PayPal account type. Call PayPal, they’ll tell you where to get the right account. 🙂


    I do have an adaptive payments account, im getting it from filling out the application which were on you instructions on your documentation. I noticed i only once got a 858 error, so it says thats conflicting with another social log in plugin, but i dont have a social login application and i disabled all applications. ..

    WC Vendors Support

    Aah, OK. It sounds like you have another plugin that is using the OAuth class. These types of plugins will cause a conflict, and errors. The PayPal Adaptive Payments code we’ve included is written by PayPal themselves, and they tell you to install as they’ve written it. However, since other plugin authors are copying it for non-PayPal related code, it’s starting to become a problem. We’ll likely be namespacing the class so that it cant conflict with other OAuth plugins.

    Till that time, you’ll want to find the conflicting plugin, and deactivate it or replace it for now. It might even be part of your theme, although that’s more unlikely.


    Im having this same issue. Deactivated most of the plugins and keep giving Internal Server Error.
    Im very sure I have Paypal Adaptive Payments, you helped me on the human filter to respond Ben.
    Everything is correctly set up.

    WC Vendors Support

    Saying to us “Internal Server Error” is like telling a doctor “I dont feel good” and expecting a full diagnostic. error_log, guys! We cant diagnose a damn thing if you cant help us with the actual error. 😉


    Here is what I have in error_logs:
    [23-Nov-2015 04:03:06 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthDataStore in /home/content/html/wp-content/plugins/wc-vendors/classes/gateways/PayPal_AdvPayments/PayPal_AP/classes/adaptivepayments-sdk/lib/auth/PPAuth.php on line 858

    WC Vendors Support

    Disable your other paypal adaptive payment plugin. They are conflicting with each other. You dont need gateways you don’t use. 😉


    I dont have any other payment plugin, only yours:


    I know how to fix it you will have to modify some code. But it’s easy. Everytime they have an update you will have to update this file. Ill post the answer tomorrow. Also make sure your PayPal account is verified

    WC Vendors Support

    Probably that “Easy Social Share” plugin then. CodeCanyon, you get what you pay for. 😉


    You were right.. It was that plugin.
    Now I just have this issue: (Its obvious its about the Paypal Adaptive Payment API credentials, I will check)

    -Nov-2015 04:34:41 UTC] PPHttpConnection: Adding header X-PAYPAL-REQUEST-SOURCE: sdk-adaptivepayments-php_1.2.95

    [23-Nov-2015 04:34:41 UTC] PPAPIService: Response: responseEnvelope.timestamp=2015-11-22T20%3A34%3A41.374-08%3A00&responseEnvelope.ack=Failure&responseEnvelope.correlationId=1d95475f8625a&responseEnvelope.build=17820627&error(0).errorId=520003&error(0).domain=PLATFORM&error(0).subdomain=Application&error(0).severity=Error&error(0).category=Application&error(0).message=Authentication+failed.+API+credentials+are+incorrect.

    WC Vendors Support

    You can figure this one out. 😉


    Make sure you’re using our KnowledgeBase article to actually get a paypalap account.



    I have this exact same issue and followed each step identically. I have stripped the site to just the 2016 theme, woocommerce, and the WC vendors free plugin…the internal system error notice still appears during checkout.

    Any chance someone has a fix for this yet?



    Is your paypal account verified? Did you enter all the paypal key details in the back end? I think they fixed that issue with clashing with the social login.

    WC Vendors Support

    Think of “Internal Server Error” as a reminder to check your websites error_log. It’ll tell you what the error is in the error_log for your website. If you dont know where this file is, your webhosting company does.


    Problem isolated, at least I can verify it is NOT your plugin…yeaaa, but I suspect you already knew that 🙂

    Turns out to be an Elegant Themes theme (weird to write it that way). One of their newest themes, Extra, is breaking the adaptive payment. Switching to another theme of theirs resolves the issue and I have an open ticket with them.

    Thanks for the fast New Years Eve support, as always.

    Thank you

    WC Vendors Support

    That’s weird. How the hell a theme breaks a payment gateway is a new one to me. Hope they fix it in a timely fashion for you. Happy 2016. 🙂

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