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    I have googled many different themes that are specifically created for multi-vendor, and many of them just don’t look so great – the styling isn’t plain, layout isn’t so great, etc…

    I’m assuming any Woocommerce capable theme will be able to be transformed into a multi-vendor.

    What are the best themes you’ve found that work the best with WC Vendor & WC Vendor Pro??? (Which I Can’t wait to receive the email today!!!!)


    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Nazostro!

    One of my favorite themes is WooThemes Superstore. It’s designed for sites with a LOT of products, and it works *really* well and is *really* fast.

    The themes being sold “designed” for a vendor marketplace make me laugh. There’s nothing special or unique to those themes its just a matter of if you like the design/layout. Since WC Vendors works with any 100% WooCommerce compatible theme, all themes are vendor ready! Its just a matter of what you like the best. 🙂

    Pro is done, we’re finishing the auto updater for the plugin now and then it’ll be for sale. 🙂 Soon!

    Donna Anderson

    Hi nazar,

    I second Ben’s opinion – we use Superstore too. We currently have 35 vendors and over 5,700 products and Superstore handles it all 🙂

    @Ben – Ready when you are! 🙂 I cleared my desk for the day so I could spend the day playing with PRO LOL


    Thanks for the recommendations!

    – Are you able to provide your website URL? Just wanting to take a look at how others have designed it 🙂

    Is superstore good for physical & digital downloads?

    Donna Anderson

    Oh, yes, you can do digital products with Superstore, too. We’re at http://thcmmarketplace.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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