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    -When making a reservation, where confirmation is required, the vendor doesn’t receive mail.
    -Same when adding a new product, the product approval is not notified
    In both cases, the “vendor” is unaware of these events.
    Only in the dashboard can discover these events.

    -When confirm a reservation, it disappears from the “Bookings” table
    -In the “Bookings Calendar” tab, incorrect data is displayed

    -All data tables are not responsive


    Ok- thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it.
    I will look into these and submit issues if needed.

    Rob Proesmans

    A really important feature:
    A provider needs to be able to create own booking orders. This option is not available on the vendor dashboard.
    This option is available on the wp-admin dashboard but no permission is granted.


    OK- thank you. I am checking on this to see if this functionality can be added.

    WC Vendors Support

    Hmm. Curious if we could use the test gateway for ‘no payment’ and then trigger a ‘no commission’ fro the vendors own bookable products. They’d show up on the dashboard all fine and stuff.


    I just purchase the bookings integration but have several issues with the bookings tab and the cart

    I have
    woocommerce version 3.0.4
    woocomerce booking version 1.10.1
    wc vendor pro version 1.4.3
    wc booking integration 1.0

    scenario 1- I am a regular customer and I visualise a booking product from vendor1, when trying to book it is indicated that product is in cart. When i try to visualise the cart, it is indicated that the cart is empty, booking order is not created but if I go again to the bookable product page the timeframe I
    selected is marked as booked but I didn´t make any payment for the reservation

    scenario2 , i am the vendor1 and have a bookable product active, i try to book another bookable product from another vendor, vendor2 , I book the same way as scenario 1 and have the same issue with the card empty. But this time when I go to bookings tab of vendor1 in the wc vendor dashboard section,
    I visualise in it the bookings products of vendor2 forpending confirmation instead of pending bookings of products of vendor1.

    Thanks for your support



    A few things you need to know about bookings. You can only ever have one booking product in your cart. This is a limitation of bookings and has nothing to do with us.

    The reason that our integration and none of our competitors allow vendors to create booking orders is it is a big security issue. To allow vendors to create their own booking orders would require that you give your vendors access to all customers of the marketplace. I dont know many marketplaces that would freely allow their vendors to see all the customer details even when they have no interactions with these customers. If you can think of a secure way to restrict vendors to the customer they need to create the order for, I’m all ears and eyes 🙂

    Working on the emails and other reported issues.



    Rob Proesmans

    Hi Jamie

    I moved from WC (offical) vendors to WCVendors (you guys) since you released the wc bookings plugin.
    Now this is how the previous vendor system works when an admin wants to create a booking. (see screenshot)

    I totally understand that you cannot let any vendor choose any customer to create a booking.

    But maybe it is necessary to give the vendor the possibility to create a booking for a guest,
    and to create no order for that booking (see screenshot)

    Since i’m building a 2way google cal synchronisation with WC Bookings for my vendors, I think I don’t need that feature yet. But I can imagine others do


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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