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    Philippa Cambers


    I hope you can help. I don’t want my vendors adding their social account buttons to their pages as then customers will just be a couple of clicks away from buying the products through the vendors’ own websites rather than mine – something I want to avoid! I also don’t want to just say to vendors – this functionality exists – but don’t use it! Is there a way to easily remove this section? Thanks! also – I am a novice so I need it step by step. thanks very much, Pip.

    WC Vendors Support

    Sure, it’s rather easy.

    1.) Copy /plugins/wc-vendors-pro/templates/dashboard/store-settings.php to /themes/yourtheme/wc-vendors/dashboard/store-settings.php

    2.) Edit the file you just copied. Delete lines #86-#100. Save.



    I guess this is an important option
    I dont need to mess with php files and care to update or back it up with every release,
    Can thia be done as check boxes in the pro ver back end?!

    WC Vendors Support

    Not yet — But eventually we will have that in there. We tried to stay away form “Checkboxes” on the settings page for the add/edit product form because it is going to be a VEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY LOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG page. But given some of the technical issues people have in being to scared to delete one line of code from a template file, I guess we will eventually, yes.

    Perhaps you could try it. You’d be surprised how easy it is. 🙂

    Arvid Viderberg

    @Joyloli, be sure to delete the Social Tab when people apply to become vendors in the /front/vednor-signup-form-php file as well. 🙂
    This will do the trick:

     * The template for displaying the vendor application form 
     * Override this template by copying it to yourtheme/wc-vendors/front
     * @package    WCVendors_Pro
     * @version    1.0.2
    <form method="post" action="" class="wcv-form"> 
    	<h3><?php __( 'Vendor Application', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></h3>
    	<div class="wcv-tabs top" data-prevent-url-change="true">
    		<ul class="tabs-nav" style="padding:0; margin:0;">
    	  		<li><a class="tabs-tab" href="#storesettings"><?php _e( 'General Store Information', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></a></li>
    	  		<li><a class="tabs-tab" href="#payment"><?php _e( 'Payment', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></a></li>
    	  		<!--<li><a class="tabs-tab" href="#social"><?php _e( 'Social', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></a></li> -->
    		<!-- Store Settings Form -->
    		<div class="tabs-content" id="storesettings">
    				<!-- Store Name -->
    				<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::store_name( '' ); ?>
    				<!-- Store Description -->
    				<label><?php _e( 'Store Description', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></label>
    				<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::store_description( '' ); ?>	
    				<br />
    				<!-- Seller Info -->
    				<label><?php _e( 'Single product page store description', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></label>
    				<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::seller_info( ); ?>	
    				<br />
    				<!-- Store Phone -->
    				<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::store_phone( ); ?>
    				<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::store_address( ); ?>
    		<div class="tabs-content" id="payment">
    			<!-- Paypal address -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::paypal_address( ); ?>
    		<div class="tabs-content" id="social">
    			<!-- Twitter -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::twitter_username( ); ?>
    			<!-- Instagram -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::instagram_username( ); ?>
    			<!-- Facebook -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::facebook_url( ); ?>
    			<!-- Linked in -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::linkedin_url( ); ?>
    			<!-- Youtube URL -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::youtube_url( ); ?>
    			<!-- Google+ URL -->
    			<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::googleplus_url( ); ?>
    		<!-- Submit Button -->
    		<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::sign_up_form_data(); ?>
    		<?php WCVendors_Pro_Store_Form::save_button( __( 'Apply to be Vendor', 'wcvendors-pro') ); ?>
    Philippa Cambers


    thanks Ben and others for your help. This is great. I also deleted the following line from both copied files to remove the social tab label altogether in the front end application form and the vendor dashboard:
    <li><a href="#social"><?php _e( 'Social', 'wcvendors-pro'); ?></a></li>

    To clarify(based on Pathfinder’s comment) – will I need to recopy these files and re-delete the code every time there are new updates to the plug-in?

    many thanks!

    WC Vendors Support

    The file you modified would have been /plugins/wc-vendors-pro/templates/dashboard/store-settings.php. Then copy that file to /themes/YOURTHEME/wc-vendors/dashboard/store-settings.php

    ….and now all is upgrade safe. 🙂


    should the /themes/YOURTHEME/wc-vendors/dashboard/store-settings.php be there or should I make it? I get into /themes/YOURTHEME in my case public_html/vyrobky/wp-content/themes/theme52942 BUT there isn’t any wc-vendors.


    Thank you Ben and Arvid V 🙂

    Guess i need to give it a try , yet looks complicated to me 🙂
    also the point i afraid the most that i need to do that with every update ?!?!?!?!?!

    WC Vendors Support

    @monika — It wont be there until you copy it. Files don’t just magically create themselves. To copy a template, you need to copy it. 🙂

    – If you copy the template into your theme folder, the templates never change and are upgrade safe. That’s why they are templates. 🙂 It’s not complicated, unless you’ve never copy and pasted before. If you have never learned how to do this, now’s a good time to learn as you’ll be a better admin in the end.

    To both: If you think this is hard, because of a lack of technical expertise — LEARN IT. 😉 Being a WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace site admin is more than just installing a plugin and a theme. You need to learn to admin. 😉 Now is a great time to start, and we’re here if you need help.


    Hello & thank you Ben,
    Do you think you can lead me to a Video to start with and get familiar with the editing ?!

    WC Vendors Support
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