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    Karen Thomas

    Hi Ben and Jamie,

    I haven’t added any new vendors for a few weeks as it was all getting a bit too much, so now have a long waiting list of peeps wanting to join which is great but….

    Something has stopped working, so I’m guessing it’s in the latest free version update.

    When I go to:
    Users > Add New
    The ‘Show Password’ button does nothing. If I try to Save this displays:
    ‘ERROR: Please enter your password.’

    I of course disabled all plug in’s (except Woo Commerce and WC Vendors (free version)), and also changed my theme to wordpress 2012 before contacting u guys (who must be super busy with mini Ben and post launch defects) but still couldn’t add new users as password field wasn’t happy 🙁

    Then I reactivated all my plug in’s, changed back to my previous theme and went ahead and deactivated WCVendors, de dar can now add new users as the password button works! But obviously stuck as I can’t add new vendors without my wonderful WCVendors plug in 🙁

    Any ideas what’s gone wrong? I’ve promised 50 people I would add them – eeek!

    Many thanks,


    Karen Thomas

    As a side note another problem has happened at the same time, but probably totally unrelated!!..

    When I go to existing Vendor and try to add html in their Seller Info or Shop Description fields, clicking on the tab for ‘Text’ (ie html) does nothing.



    Karen Thomas

    Hi Ben,

    Hope your family are now home sweet home and getting some sleep 🙂

    That’s really odd. I actually contacted my hosting company to see if they could identify the problem before bothering u guys as I know how busy you must be. The hosting company could also log in and create passwords :-/

    I’ve now run through the same process of deactivating all my plug in (apart from WC Vendors and WooCommerce), changed my theme, cleared cache and rebooted. But still the Show Password button does nothing 🙁

    But if I repeat the above and also deactivate WC Vendors the Show Password button works.

    I have tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The only thing that I can possible think of is that I use a Mac and perhaps you guys use a PC along with my hosting company who are able to add new users?? So maybe something doesn’t work with my operating system and WCVendors? Or is that really clutching at straws?

    I’m a completely Apple household so can’t test on a PC to check if this is the difference I’m sorry.

    Thanks for your help,


    Karen Thomas

    I’m wondering if I could deactivate WCVendors to allow me to add new users and passwords?

    Then, reactivate WCVendors and change the roles of the new users to vendors.

    Do you think that would work? If so, I’ll have a go tomorrow morning (I’m being told off to go to bed as it’s now 1.20am here – ooops!)


    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Karen,

    It’s funny, we’re home safe and sound. You’d think this gives you some free time to do things. Nope. Not even close. 🙂

    I use a PC, and used Chrome to test your website. WC Vendors doesnt do anything with regards to your users passwords at all. Not a thing like that on the user edit page. You could deactivate WC Vendors in order to add more users, since the role persists even when deactivated, so it would technically work. But that doesnt help solve the underlying issue of course, that’s just a band-aid.

    I’d like to get Pro installed on your site tomorrow afternoon. Shoot me an email and we can set a good time to get that all done.


    Karen Thomas

    Awww I bet it’s lovely having Mini Ben home but you must be so exhausted and you have all of us hassling u too! Hope having to keep up the support doesn’t take away the magical moments of having your new baby x

    Yeah I really can’t see why WC Vendors would affect the password whatsoever so it’s super odd that it works for me with WCVendors inactive.

    Do you think installing Pro will fix the problem as free version will still be active?

    I have to say that the new screens plus so many bonus features in Pro look absolutely awesome! You really do Rock! Glad you both have plenty of common sense and have gone to the school of usability -more than I can say for the woo commerce guys!!!

    I have a few little worries about installing pro that I’ll share with you:

    1. I use per product shipping plug in, so our vendors wouldn’t be able to add shipping in the new screens. They add products ALL THE TIME (they are busy bees!). Can my vendors still use the existing product listing forms until the shipping module is launched?

    2. Most vendors use their own set prices for shipping (for their own country and another price for overseas) which they obviously have to add EVERY TIME for every product. Then if something is bulkier/heavier they charge a bit more. So I need to identify which products they entered their inflated shipping on and record it somewhere so they can add a shipping override price for those items. As I’m worried that when we change over to the Shipping Module, they won’t be able to see how much postage they charged for certain items after working out how much it would cost.

    3. How will it work when we have the Shipping Module? Will Vendors add their set shipping costs once in their settings (for their own country and overseas) then for certain items that are more expensive to post they add the shipping coses to the individual item? So when I deactivate my Per Product Shipping module (woo hoo!) every product will still have shipping costs set once by the Vendor.

    4. The set up guide says ‘Pro adds a new feature, actual vendor stores’. Is this completely different to the store they have now when users click on the ‘Sold by’ link? I know it looks sooo much better! Also ‘Vendor Stores are automatically created any time you add a new vendor’ – does this mean only NEW vendors and our EXISTING vendors will not have a store created?

    5. I noticed there is only one product description (I always wondered why Woo Commerce would have two!). I take it the one product description is the long description not the short description (the short description doesn’t get picked up by SEO Yoast plug in)? One thing I’ll need to do is check that the text in short description is also in the long description so we don’t leave out any important comments about products.

    6. I use a plug in ‘WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite’ which adds an extra tab to products we can type in the product Shipping costs and Dispatch times (number of days to make the item and what countries the vendor posts to) as customers can’t see shipping costs otherwise until they get to checkout and it’s really important we set their expectations about how long the handmade item takes to make. I’m worried that the extra tab won’t be available.

    7. Will I still be able to add variable options for the vendor in my normal Woo Commerce product screens in wp-admin? I actually hide the variable options from vendors product listing screens currently as the way Woo Commerce have implemented options is just far too complex and I don’t want to make anyone cry! :'( So my vendors just raise a request and I add the options for them.

    8. Is there still the option to prevent vendors publishing products straight away? Some vendors are fabulous at adding products, others forget crucial things like postage etc so I check every product before it’s published (We’ve only been live since May/June time and have almost 1000 products). Checking them is killing me but they are making too many mistakes for me to let the products go live. Also is there a way of allowing specific vendors to publish straight away and others to only save for review (sorry to ask I imagine that’s really difficult to code). Also, I wondered whether there would be any way in the future to add validation to the forms (and/or instructions on form fields) so that vendors don’t forget to complete crucial bits of info?

    and finally… hope you’re still with me!

    9. Will all of the current info (eg store name, paypal email, social media links, shop description, seller info etc) move over into the new Vendor Settings page? Also my vendors have a rather long shop description so worried it would look very odd in the new beautifully styled stores? I also wondered if their address will be shown in their store along with their social media links? If so, I would like to prevent the social media links being shown as that may take my customers elsewhere.

    Sorry about all the above, hope you didn’t groan when you saw the long reply! Sending you some energy to keep going!

    PS I’m free later if you’d like me to add Pro after easing some of my worries above 🙂 I’m based in UK (current time is 12.16pm)

    Many thanks,


    Karen Thomas

    Hi Ben, just a quick note to say that I’m not desperate as do have a work around for now.

    Don’t want you helping me just yet when i know you must be pulling your hair out with the amount of questions from everyone!!!

    If you can get back to me in a few days that would be super x

    Karen Thomas

    Hi Ben, I’m going to pop the above Pro questions as separate tickets in the Pro forum, so there are in bitesized questions where the answers might help others too.

    Hope Mini Ben and Mummy are doing well 🙂

    Karen Thomas

    Hip Hip Horray! 😀

    Now I have Pro installed both the password for new users and the HTML/TEXT boxes are working again!



    WC Vendors Support

    Success! 🙂 Have fun!

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