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    how to change currency unit depends on vendor or product?

    WC Vendors Official Support

    That’s not a feature of WC Vendors Pro, or Free. Tough cookie to crack too.


    ok. thanks.

     Karen Thomas 

    I’ve just messaged the developer at WooCommerce Currency Switcher to see if they can help us…

    Hello realmag777,

    I currently use your free WooCommerce Currency Switcher, but about to upgrade as it works great 🙂

    Like over 15,000 others, I use WCVendors Pro Plug In to allow multiple vendors sell on my website. Many of us have sellers worldwide and would like them to be able to enter their product prices and shipping in their own currency. Unfortunately, they can only enter prices in the currency set in WooCommerce > Settings > General. You can imagine this is a real pain for our sellers!
    There are some plug in developers who are now working with the great Ben and Jamie at WCVendors to integrate with their plug in and increase their customers. Is this something you would consider working on?

    Here is the link to WCVendors Website:

    Here is how you take a look at their demo site (it will be the Pro features you would want to look at as those customers would be more willing to pay for your integrated Plug In):

    Hope to hear from you,



    Well done, Karen!

    Do keep us posted of any developments on that front; like you, I’d hugely welcome some kind of multi-currency functionality which would combine well with WCV Pro! Would be an enormously beneficial addition I reckon!


     Karen Thomas 

    Will do Alex! 🙂

    It’d be hugely beneficial! It’s such massive disadvantage for me, I’m even considering having different sites for different countries due to overseas sellers being very unhappy about needing to convert all their prices!

    Hopefully we’ll hear back soon….


     Jeff Maciorowski 

    I have pretty much given up on the woocommerce option because none of these products support multi-currency. I have been playing with the WPML plugin to help make it work but that adds another layer and more issues and bugs that I am waiting for them to fix. Its a disaster. Almost all the multi-vendor products out there do not really want to mess with multi-currency. Very frustrating.

    WC Vendors Official Support

    Find me a way to make it work, and we’ll accommodate it. 🙂 Open source, baby! Help us help you! 🙂

     Karen Thomas 

    Thanks for that Ben I knew you guys would be willing to help 🙂

    I’ve contacted the developer again today through Code Canyon too as that’s for his paid services (the previous email I sent was to his free support).

    I think what we need to do is gather up enough people who want this, so the developer would be able to see it’s worthy of his time (if it’s even possible!)

    Could everyone tag anyone in here who may also be interested in paying for a service that would allow their vendors enter products in their own currency? So this would be anyone who has international vendors, not just those who have expressed an interest in this as they may not have thought to ask.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Karen,

    I’d definitely be up for helping to contribute towards the relevant development costs if they’re not *too* onerous, so do keep me in mind 🙂




    I’m interested.


    I’m interested


    I’m interested in a multi currency solution as well!

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  Betty.

    I am certainly interested.

    Thank you!



    Also interested in a multi-currency solution, almost impossible to have our marketplace without it. Thanks

     Karen Thomas 

    Hi everyone, thanks for joining in to see if we can do something together 🙂

    I’ve heard back from the developer and to help with translation he would like me to make a video or screenshots of the requirements so he can get a good understanding of WCVendors Pro.

    I’m super busy at the moment, but I’m hoping to make the video or screenshots in the next few weeks. If anyone would like to add any specifics other the ones I’ve bullet pointed at a (VERY!) high level here, please add comments below:

    High Level Requirements:
    1. Detect Vendors currency from Store Country field in Vendors Dashboard Settings
    2. Allow Vendor to insert product price and sale prices in their own countries currency on their products
    3. Allow Vendor to insert Shipping costs for National and International (and table rate shipping if used) in their own countries currency in the SHIPPING tab on both PRODUCTS and SETTINGS
    4. Discover a way to tell WooCommerce that Vendors products prices and shipping costs have been entered in a different currency.

    I think if any of this is possible (please Universe I beg you!), then it may be that we end up with more than one price and shipping field for each currency rather than one field that knows which currency the vendor has entered. Which may look a bit messy, but I’m so close to needing to create a new site for each country that I’d settle for that! But we’ll see what’s possible and try to get the best solution.

    Please add anything I haven’t thought of below, as these are just rough notes and it’s 5am here with zero sleep so I probably make no sense at all! 😉

    Many thanks,


     Jamie Madden 
    WC Vendors Official Support


    After looking at your requirements, it wouldn’t be too hard to have a ‘currency’ setting in the store options for the vendor to select and then that is their currency for their store and any prices entered is that currency. Don’t over think the simple stuff. The hard part would be ensuring that the currency of different vendors is all set correctly during the final checkout process and that no one is getting screwed on conversions/commissions. My next question would be how do you process the payment in multiple currencies when none of the gateways support this?

    Another option is to create your own currency for your marketplace, effectively prepaid credits, like envato and a lot of other marketplaces and then look at how the exchange rates to the vendors currencies can be streamlined for commissions.



     Karen Thomas 

    Hi Jamie @digitalchild, Ben and everyone,

    Huge apologies for just responding, had lots going on.
    Envato looks like a fab website Jamie, thanks for that! Not sure about going down the prepaid credit route though as lots of people don’t seem to be able to get their head round anything different or new!

    This sounds really promising Jamie:
    ‘It wouldn’t be too hard to have a ‘currency’ setting in the store options for the vendor to select and then that is their currency for their store and any prices entered is that currency’
    It would be wonderful if we could enable this so that vendors can add their product prices, sale prices and shipping costs in their own chosen currency within their product edit form and store settings! 🙂

    Regarding ‘how do you process the payment in multiple currencies when none of the gateways support this?’
    Do you mean what would happen if customers bought items from multiple vendors who had entered their prices in different currencies to each other? If so, I personally would only want to display prices in one currency to the customer. How I envisage it working would be having a table in WCVendors wp-admin to enter currency conversion rates. Currency plug ins use currency aggregators to auto update their currency rates, so not sure if we could do this but would be more than happy to update the currency conversions in a table myself daily on my site 🙂 Then using this magic table it converts the vendors prices into the shop currency magically in the background so our shop knows what the prices are to display on the front customer facing website. That way ‘no one is getting screwed on conversions/commissions.’

    So would this be feasible and work?
    1. Add currency option in Store Settings to allow Vendors to choose the currency they wish to enter their product prices and shipping (or maybe have this selected for them automatically based on the Store Country?)
    2. Create a table in WCVendors wp-admin to allow us as shop keepers to enter the different currency rates. This would be used to convert any non shop currency prices into the set shop prices in the back end (somehow!!)

    Many thanks,


     Obsi Dian 

    Depending on how it would work (and how much it would cost) I’d be very interested in this (been wanting to be multi-currency for the 9 years we’ve been running!!!!).

    My site is currently Australian only, but we have in the past (on the old host we are currently moving over from) had 3 separate sites to tackle this issue (AUS, US, EU) as we couldn’t do multi currency there either. I ended up having to close the others because each separate site wasn’t able to get the same traffic as one larger site would.

    I would need the currencies to be kept separate, not that the site was in one currency and converts to other currencies – otherwise the vendors whose currency is being converted are going to be disadvantaged by conversion rates and also not feel as much “at home” as vendors able to get transactions in their native currency (there would be arguments over which base currency the site was in, although since I own it, I’d win :P)

    Manually adding conversion rates in would not be ideal, as these change daily.

    What we would need is

    1). Ability to have at least 2 currencies (AUD and USD), though any additional currencies would be great too.
    2). Prices to display as “$xx AUD” and “$xx USD” etc. depending on the currency the vendor has set. Rather than all displaying in one currency.
    (3). A way to make it clear to customers where the vendor is located — Which already displays on the product pages, so that is done!)
    4). Vendors to set the prices in their native currency and be paid in that currency without needing conversion
    5). Vendors who don’t ship internationally to be marked in the products – so International customers know before bothering to cart items. (perhaps a line after where it ships from, to say “ships internationally” or something…?)
    6). Customers to pay for their order as conveniently as possible.

    — how I would like payment to work, is to have the cart broken up a little bit like how ebay does it. So it would group together the products in each currency and the customer would make their payment in the first currency, and then be taken back to the cart where they make a payment again in the next currency. That way the vendors are paid in their currency, without conversions. There is of course a slight risk the customer would fail to complete the second checkout, but I think that should be rare, and being paid without conversion I think is more important.

    Of course if there was a way the customer could click an order button once and for paypal to parallel pay each vendor what they are owed in their chosen currency, that would be perfect! but I’m assuming that’s not likely to be possible?

    Also something like that currency switcher widget option that overrides the display of the product prices, so that customers browse the site with prices in their currency (referencing current conversion rates to be as accurate as possible), but it pays the vendors in their chosen currency.

     Obsi Dian 

    I should also say that we would need better vendor shipping options to be able to run a multicurrency site – as we’d be getting more international customers and at the moment the per item rate shipping charges isn’t good enough to be able to offer international shipping.

     Karen Thomas 

    Hi Obsi,

    I too have been considering opening up separate sites! Amazon do it and with good reason. Like you say though, many of us don’t have the power of Amazon to bring in high visitor numbers. Also plenty of my Vendors wish to get their products out to the whole wide world not just their own country.

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of your requirements, in an ideal world I’d want all that too. Unfortunately Woo Commerce (currently) only allows one shop currency which is why I’m trying to find work arounds in bitesize pieces that would actually be doable in the short term to move us forward a little bit. But eventually yes that’s exactly where we need to be 🙂

     Obsi Dian 

    Yep, I totally understand that the first step could be to get something that works even if it’s not perfect — but if I’d have to pay a lot for it, it would need to work for us enough that I could be fairly sure that it would result in getting enough international stores in to make it worthwhile. So I just wanted to put that out there.

    I know that from when I’ve tried to work around the currency situation before, discussing it with the vendors…. most vendors were not happy unless their products were listed/displayed/paid in their currency – especially since our base is Australia, so we’re wanting to mainly get US stores in… they didn’t want to sell from an “Australian Site”, but my Aussies don’t want to suddenly become a “US site”… so dual currency is the only way to keep everyone happy 🙂

    The main issue we had with the 3 sites was that was while all our vendors shipped internationally, we had to direct customers to shop at one of the 3 sites – so the customers would go to the site that was closer to where they were from and didn’t look at the other sites. (much like how I imagine you’d be unlikely to go to Amazon UK if you’re in the US). I couldn’t code in a way for the 3 sites to be more integrated to try and force customers to look around the other sites more.


    I’m in!


    i also want such a functionality.
    is it up now?


    I would like to have such feature as well in the future. But right now, I’m only allow vendor to sell and ship within my own country. However, it would be extremely hard to integrate multi-currency.


    I thought wc vendors pro would have a interface that asks first time vendors “what currency they accept” and then allows this vendor to start adding products in their native currency. Of course, the whole vendor shipping rate will need to adjust to this native currency as well.

    It won’t affect the customer, because all they care is change the currency to theirs.

    So the Currency Exchange had to be very precise as possible, to prevent any screw-up. But I’m guessing the best payment method would be PayPal Adaptive Payments, as it handles the currency conversion by itself

     Karen Thomas 

    Hi everyone I will pick this back up but I’m drowning in vendors wanting to join at the mo x


    Hello everyone,
    Any solution to the multi-currency issues? Sos disappointed, read the thread from top to bottom and hoping to find the resolution to this at the end.
    I’m so interested in this and will like any new information .

    WC Vendors Official Support

    As far as WC Vendors development on the horizon- I cannot see that this is in the foreseeable future plans.
    I have submitted a new enhancement request; I do not know when Jamie may have the time to look into this again, but it is not there. 🙂

     Mayowa Adewole 

    Sadly, This might be the only reason why I will not buy the WC Vendor Pro.. Y’all know this shit is essential and still not trying as much as possible to get the solution and make it work(one year running and still not on the list of enhancements) – Karen is been writing about it for months, as if you don’t care for people who pay so much for license to use your software. From a Developer’s view all these features up there are not impossible to implement, you should check with Magento how they make this work.

     Karen Thomas 

    Have to admit if I don’t find a solution to this one, then it could be my sites downfall 🙁

    But I’d never leave WCVendors as they offer so much more than other multi vendor plug ins out there and are extremely helpful.

    I’ve still got a hundred or so Vendors on my waiting list so I’m super busy but once I’ve managed to add them all I’m hoping to come back to this to see if there are things I and others can do to move this forward as I know Jamie is willing to work with another developer to help with any integration.

    I don’t have much funds and I’m hoping that the majority in this thread would be willing to share the costs if we need to pay someone for development work.

    Many thanks,


    WC Vendors Official Support

    What, if anything, did you end up hearing from the plugin author of WooCommerce Currency Switcher?


    I ve contacted few of the developers that has Woocommerce Currency Switcher on Codecanyon and they all stated that their plugin will work with WC Vendors Plugin – Free or Pro version. Like others, I’m willing t contribute for solutions to this.

     Karen Thomas 

    Hi everyone sorry been super busy!

    I haven’t heard back from the developer of the currency converter.

    I’m considering creating separate websites for my overseas customers and vendors as I don’t see a complete solution to this any time soon and I’m quickly losing overseas customers and vendors.

    I want to share with you the thinking behind this as I would really appreciate everyones advice and thoughts on this (is it something you are considering too?). It’s a HUGE decision and not one I can go back on as my site is growing too quickly.
    Also CC’ing @digitalchild as really hope you can add your input as you, Ben and Anna have a bigger picture of what’s coming up in WCV

    Here’s my thoughts….

    The reasons for doing this are:
    1) Vendors outside UK have to list their products in UK pounds (woo commerce only allows one base currency for a site and doesn’t look like there is a workaround any time soon)
    2) Customers outside UK have to pay in UK pounds (incurring exchange rate costs with their bank) or worse, they are put off buying from us entirely as soon as they see their basket in pounds (I have a currency converter on products but not on basket)
    3) Potential vendors are put off joining as they think we are a UK site only
    4) Customers outside UK are constantly disappointed when they add lots of products to basket only to visit their cart and find the message ‘no shipping methods available’ because they have added one or more items that don’t ship worldwide and can’t see which ones to remove from their basket to allow them to continue (JAMIE, are their plans for splitting out items in basket to see which ones to remove if no shipping methods available?)
    5) Vendors are missing out on sales when customers do the above as they don’t know that some of the items CAN be shipped overseas and therefore do have shipping for their country
    6) Lots of my overseas vendors are not getting sales because everyone thinks Conscious Crafties is a UK site
    7) Bonus: I could try out a different theme instead of One Social Marketplace which makes shopping extremely difficult on a mobile device (not to mention their horrendous support!)

    Reasons for NOT doing it would be:
    1) Extra work and cost maintaining 3 separate websites (just me running the site)
    2) Vendors who want to ship worldwide might lose out if customers only visit their country website
    3) I don’t currently know how I would redirect overseas traffic to the relevant site? (JAMIE: plug in maybe?)
    4) Don’t know if it’s possible to transfer my current overseas Vendors to a new site (account, shop, products, orders)? (JAMIE?)
    5) Zero SEO history on new sites
    6) May have to create separate social network accounts for US and Europe when we already have 6500 likes on our main Facebook page. The reason we would do this is we would want to promote products that are sold to customers country so it’s things they can actually buy.
    7) Don’t know if it’s possible to copy lots of pages to a new site (eg help guides) or would I need to manually copy and paste? (JAMIE?)

    Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated…… (as my head is exploding thinking about it!)

    Thank you everyone,


     Philip Burton 
    @pousis doesn’t let me list items in USD, CAD or Euros and has a postage base of the UK / does not let me list items in USD, CAD or GBP and has a postage base of Germany etc. etc.

    I’m going out on a limb here…. but I’d wager my Mortgage that Ebay is not powered on a single $149 plugin…

    Just my tuppence.


     Karen Thomas 

    Te he exactly @pousis, with all the money in the world, Ebay and Amazon still have separate sites per country to overcome the currency issues. This girl living in pajamas with the help of WCVendors isn’t going to overcome the problem and as clever as lots of you guys are in here, I’m not sure if we can find a workaround…..

     Matt Unsworth 

    Would it be possible for vendors to select their own currency so they can keep up with the currency exchange rates for their own currency? it could even be a simple currency converter on the product form so they type in the price in their own currency and it loads in to the box in the base currency? (so they do not lose out)

    But then have it so shoppers worldwide can select a currency to view and pay in?

    If you do it that way, you can accept payment in any currency on stripe. Only the Vendor would have some exchange rates to pay. But Stripe still charge less than Paypal even from international cards.

    Is this something that is feasable?

    WC Vendors Official Support

    Maybe… I know that in the future Jamie may look into this. Your idea may certainly be more feasible that having a currency swithcer that would actually change the rates within woocommerce/wc vendors.
    For now, this is not being worked on, but I believe there are plans to perhaps re-visit this after some core changes are made within WC Vendors.

     Karen Thomas 

    Good idea Matt, I’m desperate for some sort of workaround before I bite the bullet and have separate sites for each country.

     Matt Unsworth 

    Thank you, I think that is something that would work really well and satify most people. If this is something that needs to be added as a paid plug in, so long as the price is not too much, I think there would be a lot of people ordering this. It is something that would open up many many doors and make our lives so much easier.

    Thank you again for looking in to this.

     Karen Thomas 

    Totally Matt, I’m sure we’d all very happily pay for a paid plug in to help us overcome currency issues! 🙂

     Matt Unsworth 

    My fingers are crossed for something to be built in the not so distant future 🙂

     Obsi Dian 

    With ebay though, sellers do list in different currencies – when I look at ebay Australia there are things listed in GBP, CAD, USD and AUD. The site automatically lists under the price what that is in AUD so I know. I can cart things in multiple currencies, then to actually checkout what it does is collect together things in each currency and you check those out separately. Eg it will collect together the items in USD and take me to paypal where I make the payment in USD to all the vendors whose currency is USD (paypal converts), then it takes me back to ebay, there is a link to go back to my cart to finish checking out, and I then checkout the next batch of currencies.

    The vendors get paid in their currency, the customer sees what it will be in their chosen currency, and paypal handles the actual conversion. That system would work well for us if WCVendors could do that. Having the prices shown in the store in the different currencies would also show customers where the item was (likely to be) located, so that would be handy. People wanting to shop locally just go for items in their native currency – easy.

    Why do sites like Amazon/Ebay and the like have different sites for each country? I don’t know. Maybe because of the reasons we’ve discussed here, that customers and vendors seem more happy to shop on sites that appear to be within their own country. I guess it also makes it easier for customers to specify they only want to shop within their country.

    As for multiple WCVendors sites – I’ve had to set up a second one for my US vendors, and I’m having the same problem I had before when I’ve tried to have a US site – I can’t get the customers in…. I don’t think they trust a new site, when I’m completing with places like etsy that people know. While my AUS site has been around for 9 years and has a good reputation, it’s really hard to get that happening in the US. I’m sure if I could have everyone on the one site it would be a lot better – the customers would also have twice the variety to shop from. Logistically how I’ve done it is to have 3 sites. One site is just a plain wordpress site (with the same theme, so they all look the same) using ourdomain/main that hosts all the vendor help guides and customer articles and such that isn’t an online store, then I have a WCVendors AUD site ( and a USD one (ourdomain/usa) – so the vendors have the sites based on their currency. The landing page for my domain has buttons for customers to choose to shop in the US or USA sites.

    We have a massive problem with International shipping, because some of our vendors will ship internationally and some don’t want to (and our Australian vendors can’t ship to the US due to FDA regulations) – but there is no way to exclude countries (we use vendor shipping) other than to price it so high nobody would want to order. So I’m forever having to remind vendors than not entering an International shipping price doesn’t mean they aren’t offering Int shipping.

     MIchael Wight 


    Does Currency Converter Widget for WooCommerce work on vendors?

    I just want it to display different currencies for people in other countries on my own conversion rates that I will update weekly.




    Hi all,
    As the author of the Aelia Currency Switcher, I’ve reviewed the possibility to work with the WC Vendors Team to make their product multi-currency aware. We exchanged information and opinions about it and, while it would be a great feature, there is quite a bit of work to be done to make it happen.

    I replied in more detail to another discussion, if you would like to know more about this: WC Vendors and multiple currencies – The status so far, and why it might take a while to have such feature implemented.

     Karen Thomas 

    THANK YOU SO MUCH @aelia!!!

    Lets’s all move to this thread 🙂

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