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For the time being, we will leave our forums open for reading and learning while we work on creating a more robust Knowledge Base for everyone to use.

If you are a WC Vendors Pro customer please open a support ticket here. 

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    Hi Guys,

    Great theme…

    On the vendor Dashboard:

    Vendor Dashboard
    Control Center

    My shop

    My settings

    Submit a product

    I’d like to add text to the headings above the URL’s so that it’s easier for my Vendors to understand what to do next once they have registered. Can you tell me how to do this please…


    WC Vendors Support



    Edit any of the dashboard templates and style as much or as little as you like!



    Yeah I saw that, but to be honest I don’t understand what that means as I’m not a coder, just a guy who can manipulate templates and plugins on the wordpress back end.

    WC Vendors Support

    That means the source directory contains the templates. Copy them to the folder as indicated in the KB, and you can then edit the templates. 🙂

    Just like a WordPress Child theme, or any other plugin that has a template system.


    Ok so I’m using FTP app Cyber Duck

    Am in my server folder, and have found wp-content/plugins/wc-vendors/WCVendors/views/*
    which has the folders dashboard, emails, front, orders in it.

    I then went to:


    but there is no folder


    do I make this folder? or should it be there?

    And when that’s sorted I copy dashboard, emails, front, orders folders into this folder, yes?

    And then I can adjust them in the wordpress backend?

    Sorry for the dumb questions…

    WC Vendors Support

    Of course the folder wc-product-vendor isnt in the Mystile theme folder. You must create it. 🙂 Just copy the files up there and then you can adjust them by editing the template files you just uploaded.

    PS — If you are uploading to the /themes/mystile/ directory — next time you update the mystile theme your changes will be lost. Oh no! Follow this guide FIRST to make a Mystile CHILD theme. Then you can *safely* edit your theme files and plugin templates into your /themes/mystile-child/ folder 🙂


    You should do this with any theme you ever use, in order to retain your updates/changes.

    Dont worry about dumb questions. Use Google first, if that doesnt help, ask here. 🙂



    Ok so have done this, where do I find them in wordpress? the don;t appear in the WC Vendors settings?

    WC Vendors Support

    You edit them in notepad. Then you upload them to your webserver. 🙂

    Route1 Digital

    Hi Ben
    If i want to change the text area show WC VENDOR DASHBOARD with my own text to show a more customized website experience I can do that. Please assist. I have attached a screen shot for your ref. Appreciate an earliest reply.


    To change that circled text, I think you actually just need to re name that page title from your WordPress dashboard > pages.
    I believe that’s all you need to do to change that specific text.


    If that person was wanting to change other text, like add more of a definition of a product type, how would one do that? I would like to change virtual to service. I would also like to add a note to the user that a simple product is a physical product. This is a tad confusing. I myself would not know what is what until I went through the different options. When virtual and downloadable are not clicked, that is when shipping is added, and when either is clicked, shipping is taken away. It would also be nice if simple product was named physical product maybe? Or a note that a simple product is a simple product. I hope that makes sense.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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