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     Matt Frisch 

    Bad user experience when purchasing Stripe Payment plugin (and Vendors Pro) on your web site.

    When entering credit card number, my browser uses auto-fill (Chrome Version 54.0.2840.98 on Mac 10.11.6). I would select the card but the numbers did not appear in the field. It kept jumping back to the State field. I tried using tab instead of enter to select, but it would not enter the numbers into the field. In the end I typed it in by hand.

    When I completed my purchase, the credit card number and expiration have been stored as blank (see screenshot).

    Again, this happened on your site, not mine so I don’t think you need any other info from me. I really hope this doesn’t happen to my users once I install the plugin. I’m not feeling great about the money I just spent on your product.

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    WC Vendors Official Support

    WC Vendors is actually running an old versions of the Stripe Commissions and Gateway Plugin.
    The newest version has this bug fixed; if you visit the Stripe Commissions and Gateway Plugin page, you can see int he changelog:
    * Fixed: Stripe’s Saved Card info not displaying correctly #9

    SO this should work properly for your customers and show the saved card information correctly.

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