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    George Patsias


    I would like to change the way the Product Categories are show in the Add new product page of the Vendor Dashboard.

    I only found this code that shows the categories, and i dont know how to find the main script to modify how to be shown.

    <?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::categories( $object_id, true ); ?>

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your time,


    What are you trying to change?
    The code for the category drop down or checkbox is in this file, but it is a core file- so alterations would need to be made using filters rather than directly editing the core files:
    wp content/plugins/wc-vendors-pro/public/forms/class-wcvendors-pro-product-form.php

    George Patsias

    I dont want them to be all messy inside that box, as show on the attached picture…

    I want to change the way they show and make them more easy and more clear to be seen.

    How can i edit them so i can show them one by one for example with their thumbnail pictures?

    Or display them as tabs… I mean i need the code that i can control each category request and present them as i want


    The code is in wp content/plugins/wc-vendors-pro/public/forms/class-wcvendors-pro-product-form.php
    starting at line 511 is the category output.

    We do also have the option available in Pro for the select2 multi-select for categories: wp amdin > woocommerce > wc vendors > product form: Category Display (multi select)

    George Patsias

    Ok Thank you!

    Is it possible to make the Category Display in the Product Form option to open up the list in a more bigger way?

    I have lots of categories and i want them to be easily seen.

    Actually the thing i want to do is the following:

    1) Click on the category input box
    2) Display only Main Categories, NOT subcategories
    3) If you Select a Main category save it
    4) And then show only the subcategories of that Main category

    George Patsias

    Any answer on how can i do that?

    the code i can find is this:

    	 * DEPRECATED This function has been replaced - Output a woocommerce attribute selects 
    	 * @since      1.0.0
    	 * @param      array     $field      Array defining all field attributes 
    	 * @todo       add filters to allow the field to be hooked into this should not echo html but return it. 
    	public static function attributes( $post_id, $multiple = false ) { 
    		if ( ! self::$basic_options[ 'attributes' ] ) { 
    			// Array of defined attribute taxonomies
    			$attribute_taxonomies = wc_get_attribute_taxonomies();
    			// If there are any defined attributes display them 
    			if ( !empty( $attribute_taxonomies ) ) { 
    				$i = 0; 
    				// Get any set attributes for the product 
    				$attributes  = maybe_unserialize( get_post_meta( $post_id, '_product_attributes', true ) );
    				foreach ( $attribute_taxonomies as $product_attribute ) {
    					if ( in_array( $product_attribute->attribute_id, explode( ',', self::$hide_attributes_list ) ) ) continue;  
    					$current_attribute = '';
    					$is_variation = 'no';
    					// $custom_attributes 	= ( $multiple ) ? array( 'multiple' => 'multiple' ) : array(); 
    					// If the attributes aren't empty, extract the attribute value for the current product 
    					if ( ! empty( $attributes ) && array_key_exists( wc_attribute_taxonomy_name( $product_attribute->attribute_name ), $attributes ) ) { 
    						// get all terms 
    						$current_attribute = wp_get_post_terms( $post_id, wc_attribute_taxonomy_name( $product_attribute->attribute_name ) );
    						$is_variation = $attributes[ wc_attribute_taxonomy_name($product_attribute->attribute_name) ]['is_variation'] ? 'yes' : 'no' ; 
    						$current_attribute = reset ( $current_attribute ); 
    						$current_attribute = $current_attribute->slug;
    					// Output attribute select 
    					WCVendors_Pro_Form_Helper::select( array( 
    						'id' 				=> 'attribute_values[' . $i . '][]', 
    						'post_id'			=> $post_id, 
    						'label' 			=> ucfirst( $product_attribute->attribute_label ),
    						'value' 			=> $current_attribute, 
    						'show_option_none'  => __( 'Select a ', 'wcvendors-pro' ) . ucfirst( $product_attribute->attribute_label ),
    						'taxonomy'			=> wc_attribute_taxonomy_name( $product_attribute->attribute_name ), 
    						'is_attribute'		=> true, 
    						'taxonomy_args'		=> array( 
    												'hide_empty'	=> 0, 
    												'orderby'		=> 'order' 
    						// 'custom_attributes' => $custom_attributes, 
    					// Output attribute name hidden 
    					WCVendors_Pro_Form_Helper::input( array( 
    										'post_id'				=> $post_id, 
    										'id' 					=> 'attribute_names['.$i.']', 
    										'type' 					=> 'hidden', 
    										'show_label'			=> false, 
    										'value'					=> wc_attribute_taxonomy_name( $product_attribute->attribute_name ), 
    			// Support other plugins hooking into attributes 
    			// Not sure if this will work ? 
    			do_action( 'wcv_product_options_attributes' );
    	} //attribute()

    I cannot find any HTML code where i can change to show it differently.

    Any ideas?

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