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    @FERVOUS, As requested: I’m starting a new thread for you to test the Orders error in the Vendor Dashboard.


    Does this only happen with vendors that had orders dating before the WooCommerce major update (3.0)?
    I tested the page, and did see that if I went back before March and into February with the lilly person, the orders page errors would appear.
    Were these sample vendor accounts installed by BuddyBoss when the theme was first uploaded to your site?
    If you test with new orders, with a new vendor, does this occur?

    Form what I can see everything looks great on your site- I did exclude the pro-dashboard pages from your SG caching, as this is best. You can change it back if you wish, though it is best to leave the pro dashboard pages exempt/excluded; I wanted to make sure the caching was not causing an issue.


    @fervous I’ve just tested every vendor, and it does appear to only occur with (some) vendors that existed before the update. For Lilly, the strange thing is it now shows up instantly when I press on Orders – up even before I play around with the dates. For the other vendor we created and did some orders prior to WC update, the error sometimes shows up and sometimes doesn’t. And for the sample vendors installed by BuddyBoss, with fake orders created in January 2016, it doesn’t show up., although for one of them I did see the error in the attached screenshot.
    Are you sure this error is caused only by something connected to orders dating before the major update? If so, I can live with that; but I’d love some reassurance that this isn’t going to happen once we have real vendors uploading real products (which will be happening very soon).
    P.S. Thanks for fixing up the SG caching, I’ll keep the pro-dashboard exclusion.


    I should add: I sent some orders to a fake vendor that didn’t previously have orders, and the error is not showing up at all on their dashboard.


    I am continuing to look into this so that I can open an issue- but this is strange, and does not seem to be consistent.
    Did the lilly vendor or any others for which this occurs have any deleted orders? Did they have orders with variable products?
    I am trying to isolate this issue and see if ti is
    1. only occurring with older orders or products from before the woocommerce 3.0 update and
    2. if it only occurs with variable products


    Agreed, it’s very strange and very inconsistent. I just tested them all again now, and both lilly and one other vendor showed the error – the unsettling thing being that this second vendor only has three orders in total and all of them are from the last week, after the WooCommerce update.
    One thing I’m fairly certain is it has nothing to do with variable products (almost all our products are variable).
    Given others are reporting the same issue, is there no observable trend?
    If it helps, feel free to test with our vendors. I’ll post a private reply with login details for all of them.



    Vendors we created




    Vendors BuddyBoss created – and did test orders with last year




    @fervous Problem solved!

    Here’s how I tracked it down. I was looking at WooCommerce > Commission for a completely different reason, and I happened to notice that the error appeared on two specific orders from Feb 5 (Lilly) and Jan 22 (the other fictitious vendor who was having the issue, Jake). Preceding the error were the words “invalid order”. These happen to be the first two test orders we ever made.

    I couldn’t remove the orders from there, but I tracked down this thread (https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/reversed-commission) with Ben’s advice on how to delete orders from phpmyadmin. It worked – the two interfering orders are gone, and so are the errors on the vendor dashboards.

    As this error was discussed on a few separate threads, you may want to direct everyone here.

    So the problem can be solved, but the question remains: Any idea how this happened, and how to prevent it in future?


    Well, I am glad you were abel to get rid of the error.
    I will need to keep trying to work out how this occurred, but I am guessing perhaps the sample data or older data that was installed with the demo may be the culprit.
    I will keep looking into this.
    I have Social Marketplace so I can do a demo install and test to see if this occurs.

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