Educational fund for a startup ?

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    Hey everyone, WC Vendors Administrators,

    i am an Egyptian university computer science student in Egypt, i want to make a startup project that uses your very helpful plugin.
    i would like to know if there might be any possibility that i get something like an educational discount maybe? any help to the startup would be much appreciated.
    if you guys don’t know how is things in Egypt, the economic situation of the whole country is very unstable, and currently it’s really hard to get a handful of dollars, due to the low integrity of the black market sellers that almost take a hold of most dollars in the country, and force you to buy dollars from them in a recently-illegal manner that is totally forbidden by law, and due to that, banks now have strict rules for purchasing dollars(they don’t sell it else to people who have proof that they need it). To start my project i managed to get 60$ , which was like my life savings over here XD , and from which i payed 47$ for the best for hosting , i could manage to get a little bit more but probably not the whole 145$ which is about 4300EGP in my currency (That’s a 2 month Salary for the average citizen over here).
    In all cases i am already great-full for you guys, and for your amazing product and i am currently kicking on your free version 😎 which is absolutely awesome too, it’s just a matter of time before i figure out how to get the vendor location thing to work cause i can’t afford that plugin too XD, the startup Website is which means “Feed Me” a website for helping poor women and average women citizens to make money by selling her home made food, seriously we a whipping 27% unemployment rate between women.
    At the end i want to thank you guys for your reply in advance, and hope you best of luck.\
    Sincerely and with many greeting from Egypt,
    Mahmoud Osama

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