Explanation of Paypal payment gateway and some other stuff!

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    Hi, I’m thinking of buying WC vendors pro, I have gone through some of the forums and I have found that WC Vendors supports parallel payments. That’s great for me, however I have a few questions regarding that.

    1. When I press refund on my WC dashboard will it be sending refund request to paypal too?

    2. I’m thinking of running a digital marketplace, and I will be taking 10% commission while giving 90% to the vendor. So when I refund the amount, what if vendor doesn’t have enough balance in his paypal account?

    3. Who pays the transaction fee? I have a vendor, admin and buyer. So he buys a theme for $100 and admin needs to get $10 while vendor needs to get $90. So who will bear the transaction fee?

    4. Does my country needs to support mass payments for this? I’m from india and I dont think paypal india has mass payments in India.

    5. If I set bi-monthly payments, who will hold the money until next payment round? Can Admins cancel the transaction before paying out the vendor?

    6. Vendors can upload images to their products. So every vendor gets their own media library?

    7. Which theme do you recommend for running a marketplace like themeforest?

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    1 – No

    2 – Doesnt matter, since it doesnt work that way. Your vendor issues their refund, you issue your refund, then mark order as refunded. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2 – Whoever receives money pays paypal fees. That’s up to you and PayPal…

    4 – Mass payments are for non-instant payments. If you pay vendors at the time of checkout, mass pay is not needed. If you pay vendors on a schedule, mass pay is needed.

    5 – You (admin) holds the money. In the event you want to cancel paying a vendor, mark the commission as reversed instead of due.

    6 – Yup.

    7 – Well, that’s a hard question. Themeforest itself is a ton of unique and custom code specifically for how they operate. You’re not going to find a theme out of the box that can recreate your own Themeforest. You’re going to need a few developers coding up each section of it at a time. No advice for you on this one, sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’m also trying to get a handle on this.

    I give Vendors 70% of the sale price, and 100% of shipping cost. Can PayPal Adaptive Payments be set so Vendor pays 70% (or all) of PayPal’s fee, and still allow me to withhold Vendor’s payment until they fulfill the order?

    For refunds, can PayPal’s fees be set to fall 70% Vendor on the and 30% on me?


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