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    The fields Delivery Policy and Return Policy is not displayed, yet the boxes are unchecked. In the dashboard, it does not display the return policy and delivery policy fields.

    I noticed that my store-setting.php file in my child theme was not up to date, I updated the file but it does not work, I even delete the file and leave that of the parent theme , same problem

    Here is a video of the problem :



    It doesn’t look like you have our shipping module enabled. If this isn’t enabled then none of the shipping fields will be displayed this is on its own shipping tab.

    You might have to contact buddyboss to ask they why those fields aren’t displaying as they override ALL of our templates.




    Buddyboss annoys me, the support is very very slow, the theme is badly developed, I can not do anything


    If you are that dissatisfied with the theme and the support, why is it that you continue to use the theme and the marketplace plugin?
    You can use many themes with WC Vendors without issues.
    Have you voiced your concerns to BuddyBoss? And your dissatisfaction with their support?


    Because I invested a lot of money to do custom development and that my website will soon open … it’s too late to change now. I bought this theme because you advised it on wc vendors, I regret to have bought it. It is not advisable for your customers to buy this theme. There is not much buddypress theme compatible with your plugin.

    I like the design of the theme one social marketplace because my project is to sell works of art, this corresponds well to my project. If you have other idea of theme I want



    I found this theme:

    It looks like one social marketplace, but I do not know if it is well coded and if the support is fast, do you have any return on this theme ?



    Another problem:

    1- The country field is not visible when choosing a country

    2- When a member create a seller account, it lacks the payment information fields of MangoPay (see screenshot), yet the information is visible in the dashboard when its seller account is validated by the administrator. Wc vendors does not show the Mangopay fields in the form to become a seller, is this a problem with wc vendors or mangopay ?

    Here is a video of the problem:


    Those are all due to the fact that the product-edit.php templates and the store-settings.php templates are being overridden by BuddyBoss.
    I have helped a lot here and on the facebook page with the BuddyBoss OneSocial/Social Marketplace and I am not sure what else to say, other than these are things you will have to bring up to them, because I do not know how the MangoPay fields need to be added in. If you were to switch to the Storefront theme temporarily, do the MangoPay fields show? If so, then you will need to talk with BuddyBoss.

    I like to help, Julien- but there comes a limit when I cannot continue to assist with another company’s product. ūüôĀ

    If you want to use their theme and the marketplace plugin that comes with it, great. But if you wish to make a lot of customization, as you have, then it gets very complicated since they add in a lot of their own functions and actions, and they override almost all of our templates.

    ReHub: I think there are some users who enjoy the ReHub:Vendor set-up….but you WILL find the same issues there- that theme is even more difficult to modify than the BuddyBoss set-up, Julien. Is it good? Yes- if you want to NOT customize it. If you do, the way they have overridden the templates in the ReHub theme is even more complicated than BuddyBoss.


    In French:
    Tout cela est d√Ľ au fait que les mod√®les product-edit.php et les templates store-settings.php sont remplac√©s par BuddyBoss.
    J’ai beaucoup aid√© ici et sur la page facebook avec le BuddyBoss OneSocial / Social Marketplace et je ne sais pas quoi d’autre √† dire, autrement ce sont des choses que vous devrez apporter √† eux, parce que je ne sais pas comment le MangoPay Les champs doivent √™tre ajout√©s po Si vous deviez passer au th√®me Storefront temporairement, les champs MangoPay s’affichent-ils? Si oui, alors vous aurez besoin de parler avec BuddyBoss.

    J’aime aider, Julien – mais il y a une limite quand je ne peux pas continuer √† aider avec le produit d’une autre compagnie. ……

    Si vous voulez utiliser leur th√®me et le plugin du march√© qui vient avec elle, super. Mais si vous voulez faire beaucoup de personnalisation, comme vous l’avez, alors il devient tr√®s compliqu√©, car ils ajoutent beaucoup de leurs propres fonctions et actions, et ils remplacent la quasi-totalit√© de nos mod√®les.

    ReHub: Je pense qu’il y a des utilisateurs qui aiment le ReHub: Vendor set-up … mais vous trouverez les m√™mes probl√®mes, ce th√®me est encore plus difficile √† modifier que le BuddyBoss set-up, Julien. Est-ce bien? Oui, si vous ne souhaitez pas le personnaliser. Si vous le faites, la fa√ßon dont ils ont surcharg√© les mod√®les dans le th√®me ReHub est encore plus compliqu√© que BuddyBoss.



    In french:

    Je te comprend Anna, pas de problème !

    J’ai v√©rifi√© les fichier, en effet il y a bien les fichier product-edit.php et store-settings.php situ√© dans le r√©pertoire suivant: wp-content/plugins/buddyboss-marketplace/templates/wc-vendors/dashboard
    J’ai renomm√© les deux fichier pour qu’il ne soit plus actif mais j’ai le m√™me probl√®me, ce qui veux dire que le probl√®me viens du theme ? J’ai pas essay√© avec le theme storefront.

    Je vais voir avec buddyboss ou je retourne sur PayPal !
    Pour ReHub: Je reste avec One social car mon theme est beaucoup personnalis√©, dommage car j’aime beaucoup Rehub

    Merci Anna

    In english:

    I understand Anna, no problem!

    I checked the files, in fact there are the files product-edit.php and store-settings.php located in the following directory: wp-content / plugins / buddyboss-marketplace / templates / wc-vendors / dashboard
    I renamed the two files so that it is no longer active but I have the same problem, which means that the problem come from the theme? I have not tried with the storefront theme.

    I will see with buddyboss or I go back to PayPal!

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