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    Hi !

    First, thank you for this awesome plugin ! But i’ve got some troubles with it :

    – In front end dashboard, in order report, the “Mark as Shipped” button appear only for the first order, not the others.. so vendors cannot mark order as shipped…

    – I noticed that if a product has been sold, and if i change his status to draft (or other custom status), all orders in the vendor’s front end disappear ! and i need orders to be visible to the vendor even if the post status is set to draft….

    Is it normal ? or did i missed something ?

    Thanks for your support !

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    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Hadrien,

    – The mark shipped button will be fixed in the next release of WC Vendors Free. Sorry about that!

    – Draft means an unpublished product. The better way to make it not appear on your website, but appear in vendor reports, is to set the product as “Out of stock” and then tell WooCommerce not to show products that are out of stock on the website.




    Hi Ben !

    Finally i’ve managed to hide my products based on a custom field.

    Just one question, do you know when the new release of the free version will be ready ? or maybe you already fixed this issue ( perhaps you’ve got a github page for that) ?

    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work !

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Hadrien,

    We do have a GitHub page ( github.com/wcvendors/wcvendors/ ) but we have not fixed it yet. You can probably look at the previous 1.7.8 version to 1.7.9 and then see the mark shipped change and just revert back to that versions class file should do the trick. 🙂

    Next version of free will be done after 1.0.2 is out, we’ll push it for this and a few other things at the same time.



    I’ve been unable to replicate the issue with the mark shipped button missing for physical product in any of my development environments.

    Are you able to outline the steps you take to reproduce this issue for me?




    Hi Jamie & Ben,

    First thanks a lot for the support 🙂

    Because vendors are selling services, i set product as virtual. Maybe this is why “mark as shipped” not appear ?

    But i need my vendors to alert the admin that the service is done to set the order’s status to complete. That’s why i was thinking to use the mark as shipped button.. But perhaps using the comment note order is the best way to achieve this…

    WC Vendors Support

    Virtual products, by very definition, are products that do NOT need shipping, and as such, the mark shipped button will not appear. The best way for you sounds like editing the templates so instead of “Mark Shipped” you change the text to “Mark Finished” or “Mark as Done”, and then set all of your products to not virtual products. 🙂

    You’d probably want to edit the Mark Shipped email template too, to say something other than “Hi a vendor has shipped your order” to something like “The vendor has marked your order as completed/done”.




    Ok.. but i think i will keep my product virtual and using the comment note for update order status.. seems to be the brainless solution for now.

    Anyway thanks a lot guys for your help, and sorry for my frenchy english ahah

    have a good day 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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