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    Dennis Hall

    I’m new to WC Vendor, but after trying Dokan and having it fail both technically and in expectations, this plugin is both easy to use and very straight-forward. Lovin’ it!

    I have found 1 issue, however… In my testing, I found 2 conditions that cause the vendor page to fail to find a vendors shop:
    1. If I disable, then re-enable the plugin.
    2. If I change a user from the Vendor to a lesser role (after that created their shop), then then change them back to being a vendor.

    Here is an example URL: http://learning-templates.com/vendors/

    The second issue (not really an issue but important to me) is that WC Vendor is using Avatars for the Vendors shop logo in the [wcv_vendorslist show_products=”no”] shortcode, is this normal? I would think a Vendor could place a logo, no?

    The third and last issue is the shop styling, I’m finding it a bit “finicky” when it comes to styling the text and page layouts. An example is to Create a shop, then add some H! text and center it. In the editor, this appears fine, in the Editors code view, it looks correct, however, in the front-end, the text “may sometimes” be centered, and never seems to be H1 formatted.
    Any suggestions for this?

    I’m comfortable modifying the code, but am concerned that an update will wipe my changes out.

    I would also like to know if the Pro version will be able to use the admin version of the WP Editor so my vendors can take advantage of the other plugins I’m using in the Admin editor.

    Thanks again for the great plugin,

    Dennis Hall

    I don’t think I ever received a response that fast from a paid plugin vendor 🙂

    I also did not even know about the Permalinks additions your plugin makes. It fixed that issue. Freakin’ amazing man!

    Thanks Ben, I’ll be waiting for Pro!

    Again, awesome work here. Best Multi-Vendor plugin I’ve found yet.

    WC Vendors Support

    Our support is *always* fast! 🙂 A plugin like ours requires it. Glad you appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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