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    Greetings WcVendors team, 🙂

    ***1. I am opening up a digital marketplace – i have free wc vendors plugin. I want to only allow people to sell digital goods and not sell anything other than that. How may i go about doing this? and after a person buys a thing of the vendor store , can the comission auto split itself and given to the vendor instead of me doing it myself? is it really nessecary for the vendor to mark shipped to get their payment?

    **2. these guys are selling for 15$ wc vendors pro, are they legit. Never bought it , bought some premium themes off the themeforest instead hehe. I am a startup can’t afford the wc vendors pro yet. so that deal was exciting but i know it’s wrong.

    *3. Is there anyway i can get the Wc vendors pro for free by translating the plugin or something?


    WC Vendors Support

    1.) That’s pretty easy, after you buy Pro we can show you the quick template to override the form with the right code.

    2.) I would severely doubt that. The only place you can buy Pro is here. If some place is selling it for 90% less, there is no question that it is fake. Also, if you find a place that offers to sell you gold for 90% discounts, silver for 90% discounts, or “free free free” stuff, chances are, it’s too good to be true lol….. Usually those places sell infected versions, old versions, no support, highly illegal. ANYONE who buys a license from anyone who is not us, gets permanently blacklisted. You will never get support and we will make fun of you constantly. It’d be quite terrible. 🙂 We would also untie your shoe laces and tell you that you dont read good.


    Hi again Ben,

    Thanks so much for the quick reply :))

    I know i won’t be buying from there, currently collecting enough money to buy the pro version that will take some time as i am just a startup and trying to work with free version for the moment.

    I can understand that template thing is with pro version , but is there any way it can work with free version as well? I have bought a theme from themeforest – and it has extended functionality for free version that i am liking and i am customizing it at the moment.

    Please help, ben


    Rehub – re vendor theme.


    sorry about it,

    The rehub/ revendor theme has a front end pro editor that allows for a vendor to edit or add products from front end so maybe it is in it?

    um 😮

    WC Vendors Support

    Oh! That theme. That’s not a Pro Dashboard. 😉 That’s just some little quirky thing they wrote. How do you edit it? I dont know, I didnt write it. They did. Theme authors support theme features, not us! 🙂

    The Pro Dashboard is WILDLY different. Go to dev.wcvendors.com and see the demo. Anything that is not on dev.wcvendors.com means we didnt write it and we dont know how it works.


    okay ben,

    I will ask the author about it. It’s using some form of premium plugin of the codecanyon – frontend pro RH. I know the pro dashboard and it’s features is cool and that theme also supports the pro version.

    I will surely buy the pro version as soon as i can! 🙂

    Thanks for the help,
    have a good day!

    WC Vendors Support

    You bet! Have fun man.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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