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    In the frontend product submission, my site uses WooCommerce PDF Vouchers only. Since the developer had integrated frontend voucher creation using WC Vendors Pro, I would like vendors to only create PDF Vouchers-products only. So what I need is a code snippet to do :

    1.make the Downloadable checkbox turned on by default
    2.hide this Downloadable checkbox
    3.hide the Product Type dropdown from showing up because by default it shows Simple Product, and that is what I wanted by default

    This way, it will always show the PDF Vouchers product tab to vendors.

    Can you guys help me?



    You’d edit the template and remove the reference to product_type() (line 60 in the template) and then replace that with two hidden fields that use the following :


    You can just ignore the lines 26 – 34 of that gist as it forces virtual too which you did not specify you need. This will force a simple downloadable product and all be hidden from the user.



    Jorrel Paleracio

    I’m doing something similar – Jaime this worked a charm!


    Had to also remove the following to stop the downloadable file upload form from popping up.

    Lines 97- 107

    <div class=”show_if_downloadable” id=”files_download”>
    <!– Downloadable files –>
    <?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::download_files( $object_id ); ?>

    <!– Download Limit –>
    <?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::download_limit( $object_id ); ?>
    <!– Download Expiry –>
    <?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::download_expiry( $object_id ); ?>
    <!– Download Type –>
    <?php WCVendors_Pro_Product_Form::download_type( $object_id ); ?>




    Hi Jamie,
    I would like to checked downloadable and manage stock for Variations tab because my products are downloadable and have variations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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