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    Jerry Teo

    Hi guys.
    seems like there are some images in my product gallery that are always there?
    I have to delete them everytime I add a new product?
    Is this a bug?

    Jerry Teo

    have attached a screenshot. I didn’t add the image gallery. they were already there


    I do not know; you said you did not add them? As a vendor or admin?
    Were they added by a theme or theme demo?
    As admin, you go to wp admin > media > library to delete images.

    Jerry Teo

    Hi Anna

    What I did was.. I deleted the images from the media library. and re-added them to the associated products.
    When I re-added them to the products they didnt re-appear in the gallery front-end.

    seems to be working fine now. Don’t know how it got there :S

    Thiago França

    Hi there.
    I’m also having this problem. When the gallery is activated for the Product Form in the front-end, lots of Images are automatically added to the gallery in the product form for vendors (Based on THIS TOPIC I assume they are the unattached pics).

    Some observations:
    -When gallery is deactivated, the problem disappears, as expected, but also the ability to have a product gallery
    -I have 15k+ products and tooons of pics, so deleting unattached pics or any manual edit from media items is not an option. Need to find a way to stop the gallery from adding all those pics (As it was before)
    -Everything is updated.
    -Is not a Theme issue (Same problem with Twenty Seventeen)
    -Haven’t tried reseting roles in WooCommerce->System Status->Tools, since I’m afraid that will remove vendor status to all my vendors (80+). Am I Right? If you are 100% sure that will solve it the problem I can do it, but please let me know. (Doesn’t seem to work for AJ in the same reffered post)

    Any clues?

    Jerry Teo

    Hi Thiago
    How many images do you have in the gallery? They just appeared right? They are constantly there that I cant add any images in the gallery.

    What I had to do was manually remove each of those images that appear from the media gallery. Then re-added them to the individual products. When I added them to the products again, they didnt appear in the gallery. I did this for all of them and was able to add images to the gallery after that.

    Hope this sorts it out for you

    Thiago França

    Hi Jerry. Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunatelly I have tens of thousands. Not an option to manually do it.

    I need the plugin to work properly as before and don’t add any picture to the gallery without me intentionally doing it.

    Hope Anna has any other clue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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