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    Amit Ramani

    I just downloaded your WC Vendors Free plugin. I am looking to evaluate it whether it will be a good fit for my needs. I will try my best to describe them below.

    1. We sell Medical Products to Doctors Practices (offices).
    2. We are using WooCommerce for the ecommerce part of it.
    3. We have Sales Reps that approach the Doctors Office and introduce the product. The sales reps are paid commission on each sale. However, the commission structure/scheme has to be flexible. Currently, WC Vendors assigns a fixed % rate for commission per product.

    In our case, we have multiple sales reps selling the same products to their respective clients. I read somewhere that Products can only be assigned one Vendor. However, I need to assign multiple vendors (Sales Reps in my case) to each product. Can that be possible?

    The big requirement for us is that the commission can be set differently per product and per customer. For example, consider the following scenario:
    We have 2 Vendors (Sales Reps in my case), SR1 and SR2. SR1 sells Product A and Product B to Customer X. SR2 sells Product A and Product B to Customer Y.

    I would like to assign a different commission rate for each combination as such:
    When Customer X purchases Product A, SR 1 will get a 5% commission. When Customer X purchases Product B, SR 1 will get a 10% commission.
    When Customer Y purchases Product B, SR 1 will get a 8% commission. When Customer Y purchases Product B, SR 1 will get a 16% commission.

    Can something like this be achieved using WC Vendors? Or maybe you can point me in another direction?

    WC Vendors Support

    Eek. This is a pretty complex system. We DO have commission filters in place, so you can code your own logic in PHP for how you want to apply commissions, and that filters overrides all WC Vendors settings. Assigning multiple vendors per product is not possible. You’d have to duplicate all the products and assign them to one vendor, then rinse and repeat to do the next vendor, etc………

    Have you considered simply using an affiliate program instead? Such as AffiliateWP?

    Amit Ramani

    Thanks, @ben for the lightning quick response.
    Can you point me to the file and the filter hook used for modifying the commissions?
    When you says “duplicate all the products”, I assume that means create a new product for each vendor. So if I have 10 products and 10 vendors, that would be a total of 100 products, correct?

    I will look into AffiliateWP, but WC Vendors support seems to be top notch, so I was inclined to ask you first.

    WC Vendors Support


    https://www.wcvendors.com/kb/commissions-fixed-dollar-amount-fixed-plus-percentage/ is an example of using the commission filter. You’d tweak it to however you want, of course. This filter runs once PER PRODUCT, until it has run for each product in the shopping cart after the order is processing or completed.

    10 * 10 = 100, yup! On a smaller-ish site it could be easy to do. If you had 5000 products, that might be an uber pain in the ass. 🙂 With WordPress 4.4 coming out with better term/taxonomy support, we might be able to add multi vendor capabilities in the future, but chances are, wouldnt be till 2016.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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