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    Hi Ben,

    I use wc vendors with woobooking on my site. I am wondering how the admin can track a vendors bookings if the customer makes multiple bookings at once and pays for all upfront.

    So if a customer books a vendor for multiple bookings and adds them all to their cart and pays for the items they booked all at once (eg. sept5.7:00am, sept.16 7:00am,sept.26 7:00am etc..) the vendor will receive all of these bookings in the same column under the vendors dashboard to be marked as completed.

    Now the issue I am having is, the customer has paid for all the bookings in advance but the vendor has just marked the first booking as completed and it informs admin that they need to be paid their commission. However, if I pay them their commission it would be for all bookings the customer has booked and all bookings are then marked as completed, not just the one that was just completed on sept5. So if the customer has booked 10 appointments in advance, how does the vendor mark the next 9 bookings as completed, so I can pay them their commission for each booking?

    I can not pay the vendor all at once and I need vendor to be able to mark each booking as completed as they are completed.

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    WC Vendors Support

    Short version: I have no idea!

    Long version: You could restrict shopping carts to one product per checkout.

    Longer version: I’m surprised you even have a working bookings system. Is this WooThemes Bookings? Or is it another one? We plan to add support for WooThemes Bookings in the near future, and if there’s another working system that already functions 100% today, we’d love to hear about it.


    Ben! Thank you for the fast reply 🙂

    How can you restrict a shopping cart item to only 1 item?

    Yes I have woobookings working with wc vendors. Their was a lot of custom PHP work that was done – and let me tell you all, it was very tedious and stressful along the way… I am satisfied how it is working and gets the job done, but its not ideal.. I will 100% be a PRO customer and can’t wait for this.

    One of the biggest things as of right now is, lettings vendors add bookings on their own. It takes vendors to the backend and you need a lot of coding to be done to keep it secure from the admins panel…real headache and long process.

    Looking forward to having the add a booking in the front end for vendors and making this a flawless solution for my site – and im sure for all!

    WC Vendors Support

    To restrict checkout to one product is literally just a few lines of code in your functions.php file. 🙂 Here’s the tutorial:


    Shoot me an email if you can, ben at this domain if you’re up for sharing your WooThemes Bookings compatibility solution with me. I’d rather use yours if it works properly than spend a week developing the same code on our own. Helps keep us working harder on more features if there’s less we actually need to write! 🙂


    I will reach out to my partner 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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