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    Dietrich & Susanne


    the manual “Configuring PayPal Adaptive Payments” is old.

    Have you a new one? Found within the current Paypal app settings?

    regard, Susanne


    Susanne- yep, I am on it. I meant to update this last week and .. .. Didn’t.
    I am working on this today to update the screenshots and provide an updated tutorial for this process.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Thank you very much, Anna.

    Just one more question:

    We don’t have to check “chained payments”. But if i don’t check “chained payments”, i can’t enter “who pays the fee” and primary and secondary receivers. I don’t even see the fields if i don’t check “chained payments”.

    So i checked “chained payments”, entered the values with the receivers, and unchecked again. Is it right?

    Still it doesn’t work and we get a “user blocked” error message. Waiting for an answer from PayPal Support.

    Thanks for your assistance.



    Yes, I do believe I checked and un-checked the Chained Payments, because I was deciding whether to show the checked box with a big red arrow saying, “NO!” on it… I decided that was a bit tacky. ?

    I am very confident that PayPal likely removed the “primary receiver” specification for the parallel payments because the question was redundant. It *IS* redundant, except in outside cases. Far more often than not, with parallel payments the secondary receiver would be the marketplace or platform owner that is receiving the smaller portion of the payment. I will make a notation at the top of the tutorial that specifies this, and that likely users will not see the fields for the primary and secondary receiver when only selecting parallel payments.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    The hole problem is by paypal – said the paypal hotline today (in germany).

    If you have got the failure “User is blocked (10329) …” Than is your Paypal user not approved for collecting payments.

    And this is deliberate – as protection against misuse! Every Paypal-User have to call them, proof of identity (Passport) and after them paypal is collecting payments for your paypal-user.

    It is incredible that this is not documented. That would save many hassles and a lot of thime

    4U, Susanne


    I did not know this was a requirement .. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

    Is this specifically for your country?
    It sounds like there may be different laws depending on which country you keep your bank, maybe. Stripe required more information from UK businesses than US businesses.. So there may be similar requirements with PayPal and Germany. 🙁

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Hi Anna,

    maybe its a good idea to communicate this in your manual:

    Important for all Europeans:

    In the EU (for example in Germany) is another banking law and the Paypal security department have for every Paypal MASS-payment users manually:

    a) cancel the EU-reception limit
    b) enable the use of MASS Payment

    For this, each user have to call the Paypal-Support and apply for that !!!

    best regards, Susanne

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Crisis! It must not be true!

    We have just learned – after months of troubleshooting and multiple support contacts – that our planned business model will not work.

    We can not make collective payments (Adaptive and Parallel Payments) with Paypal. It is not possible!

    Paypal in Germany requires a monthly fee of 25sd EUR sales / month of the shop or market place before paypal enables this collection and chain payment functions.

    This means that our business model can not be realized!
    We’ve spent months doing this.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    AlternativeL: Stripe connect – Do you know if this really works in germany? Its a beta-version-country.

    on is written:

    “Betas are stable and production ready.
    Our betas are stable and production ready, but we keep countries in beta until they reach feature parity with the rest of our countries. ”

    We do not want to experience a drama again (as with paypal) …


    Stripe works fine in Germany, yup. You’ll need to use our version of Stripe, it’s $49 in our store. Other versions of stripe wont pay vendors commissions automatically, but will work for collecting money from customers at checkout of course.

    Marc Bovet

    Hello Susanne,

    Just had a call with Stripe today. The beta is not a real limitation, just call them and make sure that what you want to do is possible in your country.

    Stripe Connect offers 2 options :

    Stripe Connect Standalone : this is the supported by WC vendors. The vendors needs to prove its identity to Stripe and create an account with them.

    Stripe Connect Managed : not sure that this version is supported by WC vendors. You become a kind of partner of Stripe, you have to update your terms of use in accordance with Stripe. You are responsible to collect information data of your vendors and make them available to stripe.
    This solution offers a better user experience.

    In 2017, Stripe should support to split a payment in many parts (marketplace, vendor and courier for example). Today the max number of split is 2 (marketplace and vendor).




    Hi Ben,

    it is correct?: paypal adaptive works not in germany for vendors pay?


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    Dietrich & Susanne

    Anna @fervous

    now i read this from @marc-bovet here:

    “In 2017, Stripe should support to split a payment in many parts (marketplace, vendor and courier for example). Today the max number of split is 2 (marketplace and vendor).”

    Really? Is this true?
    Than we have a big problem.


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