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    Karen Thomas

    Hi Jamie @DigitalChild

    I know the code for shipping looks at the individual Product first, then if the fields are blank, the default shipping on Vendor store will be used.

    What happens in this scenario?
    Vendor has in country and out of country shipping set in their store. They have an item that would cost a fortune to send overseas so only want to sell within their own country. They decide to override their shop shipping by filling in the shipping on their product. They add a cost in the ‘in country’ field but they leave ‘out of country’ field blank.

    Will the code see out of country field is black and then look for vendor store overseas postage? Or will it recognise that it’s found postage cost on product so doesn’t then go searching for the overseas store postage?

    Many thanks,


    Karen Thomas

    Now that I have downloaded the latest version I’ve been able to test the above scenario.

    Unfortunately when vendor does NOT want to post an individual item overseas, even though the shipping has been overwritten on the product, if the user leaves the international shipping field blank, it then looks at the vendor shop 🙁

    Can this be fixed pretty please?

    Thank you,



    Hi Karen,

    The system looks at Product > Store > Global. If it finds a rate at product (national, international, both) it stops at product and doesn’t go onto the store level. If you are seeing rates from different levels displaying together then this is a bug.

    At the moment (which ive posted in another thread) the way I check each level in the display of the template seems to be breaking. All rates are being stored and used correctly during calculations its all the single product panel display that is borked and I’m working on fixing this.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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