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    Dietrich & Susanne


    At the moment orders are not visible for vendors. The admin will have to confirm the orders manuelly.
    But the vendors have the permissions …

    What is the problem?

    best regards, Susanne


    First, see if you have the capabilities checked on this page :

    Check to ensure your vendors have the vendor role instead of pending vendor.

    Please also describe exactly what is happening. What do they see when they visit the vendor dashboard? Can they use the dashboard at all?
    If not, then please check that your free and pro dashboard pages are both set with the correct shortcodes, and that you are directing the vendors to the pro dashboard.

    You can also go to: wp admin > woocommerce > system status > tolls and RESET the vendors & pending vendor roles if none of the above works.

    Let me know how this works, and if we need to look into more.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    capabilities are allright

    all verndors are a vendor, not pending

    and this is not working too: RESET the vendors & pending vendor roles

    Nothing helps! But on our Backup-Site it´s working. But: all settings are the same. i cant find a difference.

    Please have a look on the pictures: the vendor have products in his shop, but one the dasboad you can´t see that.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    the second jpg

    Dietrich & Susanne

    The problem is not solved !!!

    On the vendor dashboard is not much to see.
    No products, no orders.
    although products are created

    please help us!!!

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Mayby I’ve circled the problem.
    There seems to be a vendor-user problem, because:

    Only 1 Vendoruser is working. these Vendorname is “Pet-Shop”.
    The other vendors have a illustration trouble – like previously described.

    The Vendoruser have 1 difference:

    In the WP “User-Settings” from the NOT WORKING Vendorusers is written:

    additional rights
    permissions: wc_product_vendors_admin_vendor, publish_products, list_users, create_users, edit_users, edit_shop_orders

    In the WP “User-Settings” from the properly functioning Vendor “pet-shop”
    is nothing on the end. NO Text about additional rights.

    Thhat is the difference. Not more.

    best regards,
    How can i solve this problem?


    Ok, thank you for the clarification.
    If you would like, I can log in and take a look. I think that may give me a better idea as to what is going on right now on your site.
    If you are comfortable with this, please reply (private reply) with an admin login and password.

    Also, is your site live with live stores and transactions? If so, then please give me a time you would prefer that I log in because there will likely bit a short interruption when I am working on your site

    Thank you!


    You have a bunch of various vendor roles when I look at your wp admin > users screen. Lots. Please get rid of all of the other vendor roles created by whatever multi-vendor plugin you used before WC Vendors. The only vendor roles you should have are VENDOR and PENDING VENDOR from WC Vendors (Verkäufer and Freizuschaltender Verkäufer). Check your database to be sure that everything from that previous plugin or plugins is completely gone. Also check that any pages form that plugin have been deleted and emptied from your trash. This is very likely what is causing the vendor role issues. after you have done this, to go the woocommerce system status > tools and again, reset the WC Vendor and pending vendors roles.

    I created a vendor account and listed a product. All was done successfully. I can see the product form the dashboard just fine. All other functions for my test vendor seem to be working correctly- up until orders, as I did not want to place a test order on your site.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Maybe that is the problem …
    But ALL Vendors were created AFTER deleting the other vendor-plugins.
    Does it sound logical that 2 works (yours and “pet-shop”) and the other not?

    Dietrich & Susanne

    I have done what you recommended.

    There is no page from old vendor-plugins.
    And i installed a userrolemanager-plugin an deleted all unused roles.
    After them i use wp-optimized an cleand the DB.

    Its the same as before. The most vendors can´t see their products and orders.

    the userrollmanger-plugin is activated. Maybe you have a look to the roles?

    Dietrich & Susanne

    i new info: i saw that the vendor

    “Landshop-verkaufs-User” have the right ” Wc product vendors admin vendor” and “Dateien hochladen”

    “AnnaWCVendors” have these rights NOT. They are not even listed.

    Yes, its a userrol-problem but why?


    If you create a vendor now, using the vendor role and after resetting the vendor roles– is the new vendor able to view and list products?

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Is test it on 2 shops (landshop-holste.de and on the backup: holstein-shop.de)

    Sometime it works, sometime not. With the same Vendor-User!

    absolutely random, without understandable logic


    I can’t get your site to load at all. I’ll try again later.

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Hi, do you tried it again!


    I logged in again, as the vendor you specified above.
    As you can see from the screenshots, I would access and see my products as this vendor- on the dashboard main page, on the dashboard > products page and also in my “store”.
    I guess I am trying to understand what it is that you are not seeing that you either want to or think you should eb able to see that I am not seeing in the screenshots?

    I also logged in as admin and checked all of your settings and system status– everything looks great to me- and your site also looks very nice.

    Are you normally seeing what I am seeing in the vendor dashboard and store pages as shown below?

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Hello Anna,

    yes, i see the same as you. Now. Some days before, i can´t see orders.

    Thank you for testing and controll the settings 🙂

    But one thing: Still the admin have to complete the order, before the vendor can see the order.

    If the store is successful, it´s to much work, if we would have to disclose any order.

    How can I stop this?

    Have a nice weeking! Susanne


    I logged in again to double-check that the vendor with an order (jobhopper) can view and manage orders. The order is visible and able to be managed from the pro vendor dashboard.
    Everything looks great- I double checked your settings as well, the role capabilities, the page settings (in case the orders page was changed or not set), saved permalinks and reviewed your system status. All is clear.

    I am hoping that the issue with the order management is corrected.

    If not, let me know in detail what is happening and we can work on it.

    You have a good weekend also! 🙂

    Dietrich & Susanne

    Hello Anna,

    thank you. But …

    Now i bought something from the Vendor “Landshop-Verkaufs-User”.

    And – have a look to the jpg: their is nothing to see in the dashboard.
    No Order.

    The admin have to confirm the order. Why?


    Is this only happening with the older vendors that were created before you cleaned out the old marketplace plugin?
    If you make a new vendor, and place an order, is that new vendor able to view the orders?

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