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    First off – WCVendors is amazing, and is enabling us to build out our website with advanced functionality from the very beginning. Thanks!

    I am having a little problem, in that all orders on our site are digital, and fulfilled centrally/automatically. The vendors should NOT be able to access orders and especially not shipping details … so I disabled the view orders capability in the settings.

    However … the Orders table is still showing on the Vendors page.
    For now, I can hide it with CSS, but I would like to be able to prevent it from being outputted, preferably without having to fool with a child theme.

    I have already tried disabling all plugins but WooCommerce & WCV, coupled with switching to 2015. No change.



    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Tim!

    Glad that you’re finding WC Vendors to be a valuable tool for you. 🙂

    You’re right, in a Digital Marketplace nobody cares where to ship things to. For that, you can edit the Vendor Dashboard templates. This will allow you to customize pretty much everything on the Vendor Dashboard, including what parts of orders a vendor sees.

    https://www.wcvendors.com/knowledgebase/changing-vendor-templates/ — How to modify the templates and where to put them (/themes/yourtheme/wc-vendors/*)

    https://github.com/wcvendors/wcvendors/tree/master/templates/dashboard — All the vendor dashboard templates

    https://github.com/wcvendors/wcvendors/tree/master/templates/orders — All the order templates




    Got it fixed by just modifying the templates in a new child theme to place the orders table in an if-statement that checked for the store manager capability. Thanks for the fast response!

    Couple of points –
    a) Just wanted to clarify that the “View Orders” capability on the Capabilities page in the WC-Vendors Settings ONLY removes the ability to link to the orders in the Sales Report Table…NOT the ability to see the Orders table … that was what confused me earlier.

    b) For those switching to a child theme to adjust – I found Customizer Export/Import plugin to be extremely helpful in switching all my customizer settings to the new child theme. Previously all my changes were in Functions & CSS plugins.

    Thanks again. Great work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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