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    ryan taber

    Hello I’m having some serious problems here. A vendor of mine is saying that he has not received any of the payments through PayPal. And when I look at the commissions I see that he is owed 149$. My question is, if he hasn’t received the payments and commission is due where is the money?

    I use adaptive PayPal payments so he should be receiving his payments instantly. What is weird is I have been receiving my share of payments.

    So i thought I would try to go to WC Vendors> Payments> NOW. that way I could pay out the commission that has vanished into thin air. And when i do that i get this email saying…

    Hello! A payment was just triggered to mass pay all vendors their due commission.

    Payment status: error.
    Payment message: Failure. User is blocked (10329): We’re sorry, but your PayPal account isn’t currently eligible to send mass payments. Please contact either PayPal Customer Service or your account manager…
    Payment total: 149.95.

    So yeah im loosing my mind here. The vendor wants the missing $149 and i would love to pay them but i am so confused. If you guys solve this problem i will happily buy the pro version. 🙂



    Do you have other vendors who have been paid properly with Instant payments?

    Regarding the masspay- yes, that’s needed for the scheduled or NOW payments. Please contact paypal and see what the eligibility requirements are for that– they used to provide masspay to pretty much everyone, but it seems like they are now restricting mass pay.

    ryan taber

    Hello as it turns out i had made several test purchases of the vendors products. So they were wondering why they didn’t get paid for the test purchases. So the good news is everything is working fine im just dumb haha. I look forward to buying the pro version!


    OK- glad this issue is resolved. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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