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    Donna Anderson

    I’ve been working on this for over a week now and I hate to admit it but I’m about to throw in the towel.

    I installed everything on a test site and it worked fine.

    Then I installed everything on a staging site so I could do some theme changes while I was at it. Yes, I deactivated and reactivated the license.

    Buttons on vendor dash are not working again.

    Here’s what the links look like on the test site where everything works: http://gaudy-powder.flywheelsites.com/dashboard/product/

    Here’s what they look like on the staging site where they don’t work: http://staging.classy-design.flywheelsites.com/dashboardproduct

    As you can see there’s no slash between ‘dashboard’ and ‘product’

    Permalinks are set the same way on both sites.

    What can I do to fix this NOW? I’ve told my vendors I’m going to run an update so many times they don’t believe me anymore. If the only issue is the styling on the vendor shops page that’s no big deal, I’ll just keep my links pointed at the old shop pages until it’s fixed. But today is our slowest day of the week and it’s the best day for me to do this push.

    Donna Anderson
    WC Vendors Support

    I’ve been on your site the last 30 minutes now, give or take.

    First thing I noticed was the Vendor Dashboard was hard coded to the wrong URL, so I fixed that.

    I disabled all plugins. I changed your theme to Superstore and Twentyfifteen. I checked all of your settings, everything is configured correctly.

    My GUESS — and this is a sheer guess — is that it’s something on Flywheel’s end. We’ve seen some strange things with wpengine on their staging servers before, so this staging server might also be acting a bit funky too.

    Jamie is asleep right now (3:23am), I’ve asked him to take a look at it, too, to make sure it’s not a Pro bug. If it is, we can have it patched immediately and update your site in advance to the next version of Pro which would include a fix.

    If it’s not a bug, you might be save publishing it live and when live, the problem may resolve itself as we’ve seen on some wpengine sites.

    Stay tuned, we’ll be back in touch soon as Australia wakes up.

    By the way, that’s a hell of a theme upgrade. It looks great.


    Donna Anderson

    Thanks Ben. I’m working with Flywheel again to see if it’s a staging site problem.



    The fact it works on one host and not the other is most definitely a server config issue. If they use multisite to create staging sites then it’s possible that is the problem.



    Donna Anderson

    I’ve been up all night working on this. I finally just set everything up on my live site and crossed my fingers. Nothing broke, but the buttons on the pro dash still don’t work because they’re all missing that slash. If I add the slash in they work fine.

    Here’s what I’ve got. Where you see two links, the first one is the one that’s firing when you click the button or link and the second one is the one that works if you add the slash:


    Button for Add Product http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboardproduct/edit/,http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboard/product/edit

    Edit Product Link
    http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboardproduct/edit/70440, ????

    Button for Orders
    Shipping label, Mark Shipped, Tracking Number and Order Notes links work

    Button for Coupons

    Button for Settings

    Button for Rating


    Link to Edit a Product
    http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboardproduct/edit/ – doesn’t work. I also added the slash and it says ‘There was a problem editing this product”

    Link to pro dashboard http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboard

    (edit coupon)http://thcmmarketplace.com/dashboard/edit, ?????

    I’d give up and just put a 301 on the whole kit and kaboodle but I’d still need to know what to link to for the product edit and coupon edit pages, and maybe a couple of others.

    WC Vendors Support

    PS @digitalchild admin account is wcvendors / r*G$w5yV(mnBM29e1nYMD5IB

    WC Vendors Support

    Can you email me your themes zip file as received from the theme developer that you purchased it from? ben@wcvendors.com

    WC Vendors Support


    After you sent in a copy of your theme, and we were unable to replicate it with our servers and your theme, we went through all the settings and the whole nine yards.

    Turned out, it was your Permalinks for your Post structure. You had it set to “Custom” and /%postname%.html

    Adding .html to posts will break your permalinks, and caused the entire issue. Changed it to just /%postname% – resaved your permalinks – and now everything works perfectly.


    Donna Anderson

    OMG! I knew it was going to be something simple somewhere. I’ve been setting my permalinks that way for 10 years on every single WP site I’ve ever set up and I must have looked at that page a million times but never even thought about that line.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help. You guys are absolutely amazing!

    WC Vendors Support

    I couldn’t figure it out either. It was Jamie that was the grand master wizard on this one. 🙂 🙂 He had it fixed in about 5 minutes. 🙂

    Donna Anderson

    Well God bless you and Jaime and thank you, THANK YOU! for all your hard work. I put a link to your selling page for PRO in my footer 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    Thanks! That’s very kind of you. 🙂 We’ll be creating a page full of stores that use WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro, and I hope to feature yours on it. With almost 9,000 websites running WC Vendors, there’s a hell of a lot of cool things people are doing, we want to showcase it!

    PS — 1.0.2 will be out today, and then your Pro Dashboard will look amazing. We’ve been testing it with your theme, and many other themes members have sent into us. 🙂

    Donna Anderson

    Cool! I was hoping you guys would put up something to show us how other people are using it. I bet there are some awesome sites out there 🙂

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