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    I am considering to buy Marketica + WC Vendor package for making open marketplace with a variety of service providers.
    Before starting check-out, I want you to solve my question about the package.
    I have three issues for it.

    1. Is it available for all sellers registered in my marketplace website to directly receive money by registering their bank account to the web based on WC Vendor?

    Or 2. With WC Vendor, can a marketplace administrator receive the money first from the customers to our bank account when deal occurs between customers and sellers ? Of course, the administrator will send money to the sellers in terms of the deal.
    Actually, I prefer answer YES for No.2 question

    3. If Question No.2’s answer is YES, is WC Vendor is only available as payment tool for open marketplace type website ? Or is WC standard only option for Question No.2 case ?

    I really need your answer and help.
    I look forward to receiving your reply with proper explanation.
    Have a nice day.

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    1.) No. If you collect a vendors bank info, how do you expect to magically pay them? Every bank is different, different APIs, login types, ways to pass data, limitations, rules, restrictions, it’d be impossible to code you an bank payout system that works for everyone. Well, at least without a staff of 10 programmers doing nothing but that full time all day every day. 🙂

    You can of course, collect the bank account, routing #, aba/swift/iban/whatever, and store it. How you use them later to pay them is up to you. But automated bank transfers is not something that currently exists.

    2.) Yes of course.

    3.) I’ve got no idea what you’re asking here.

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