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    We are about to build our marketplace and we have some specific needs :
    – multiple vendors offer the same product ? If yes, how can we manage the buy box ?
    – shipping rates and carriers for each vendors by price / weight / ZIP code ? and shipment tracking option ?
    – shop in multiple currencies ?
    – setup discounted prices if bulk order of one product ?
    – social login ? if not, is there a compatible plugin ?
    – upsell / cross sell capabilities ?
    – hidding / replace customer emails to vendors ?
    – in site message board to allow pre and post sale communication between vendors and customers ?

    Thanks !


    Hello Anthony,
    1. A product is only able to be assigned to one vendor at a time. You can duplicate a product, though, and assign the duplicate to another vendor.

    2. In WC Vendors Pro we have a Vendor Shipping module that will allow vendors to set their own rates and also allow for the shipping funds to be allocated to the vendor after checkout. However. it does not include a weight calculator or weight based shipping rates. You can make some adjustments depending on price (free over “x” amount,) and if you sue the Country Table Rate in Vendor Shipping you can make rates based on zip code.

    3. You can use some currency conversion plugins for customers to view the site in other currencies, however, at this time the vendors need to use the shop base (admin set in woocommerce) currency for listing products and for commissions calculation.

    4. We’re not integrated specifically with any of the woocommerce bulk discount plugins– I am not sure if they work with vendors or not.

    5. I know some users are using a social login… however, I am not sure which one.. sorry.

    6. Yes- we have the upsell/cross sell native to woocommerce built into the vendor’s front-end forms and they work for vendors.

    7. The emails templates can be modified. Also, you can disable the emails in the woocommerce settings if needed.

    8. This we do not have built-in, no. However, many of our users (myself included) use Buddypress on their site for intra-website communication among their site members, and it is useful also for customer & vendor communication. We do have some code available, also, to further integrate buddypress by showing “contact” buttons on the vendor store pages and product ages.


    Hi @anna and thanks for answering.

    For the multivendors of the same product, can you custom develop it ?

    For the bulk, I didn’t make myself clear… sorry. I meant to give discount to buyers who buys more than X items of the same product.

    For the email, much like amazon, I’d like vendors and admins to send emails to the buyers but I need this email to be hidden, because if not… you know vendors… That’s why your buddypress idea seems pretty great !


    Multiple vendors for same product: No, sorry– at this time we cannot code this one. It has been requested before, and *maybe* in the future we will be able to work this in, however, at this time our lead developer said it would require too much adjustment to make it possible, and that he will re-visit ti when we have re-written some of the core code in WC Vendors int he next year or so.

    Bulk discounts– I will do some testing later with WooCommerce’s Dynamic pricing and see if it works (it will not on the front-end forms without some integration). If it works in the admin for a vendor, and calculates with commissions properly, then it likely just needs to fields built into the front end forms. I’ll see.

    For emails… do you mean you wish to hide the buyer’s email address from the vendor? If so, then yeah this can be done.


    For emails, yes, vendors don’t need it or maybe an “encrypted” one like amazon give to sellers.
    That’s why as an amazon seller, you can only communicate with the buyer only via internal message system.

    It seems that buddyboss (based on wcvendors…) can do this.


    We do not do any kind of encrypted email- you’d have to have that custom made for your site.
    You can omit the buyer email address, both from some settings in Pro, and also you can modify the email templates if it is not removed form there via settings.
    Yes, Buddypress is good to communication within the site. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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