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    Jan-Philipp Wittrin


    i just bought WC Vendors Pro.

    I use it on a multilanguage page. I tried to use it with WPML and Qtranslate.

    The Pro Dashboard breaks with Qtranslate. All links inside show a 404.
    The problem is I rely on Qtranslate since it reflects much better the multilanguage options i need. WPML is too top heavy.

    I think I would to like to go back to the free version of WC Vendors since it was so far fine and I can customize it better to the need I have. Is there a way for a refund? I just used it for 15 min and realize I have to work with the free version.

    Kind regards


    Jan-Philipp Wittrin

    Forget, what I just said about the refund. I am working myself into it and try to get the best out of it.

    It would be great though if you could make the Vendor Dashboard Pro compatible with Qtranslate X.

    I don’t know if that is possible in the future, but I think there are some more people out there who might appreciate that.



    WC Vendors Support

    Hi JP,

    The Pro Dashboard links should work regardless of other plugins being installed. I’m not familiar with Qtranslate X at all, never heard of it until just now.

    Could you go into more detail on the problem? Like, the exact step by step of what you do and when the problem comes up? That’ll help me better assist you. ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi, I can chip in on this, it would be great indeed if WC Vendor did support qtranslate X, see here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/

    What Qtranslate does (don’t ask me how) is that it creates one version of any page into all the languages that have been set up for the plugin (see exampel screen shot attached). The pages are all set up with some url-logic, in my case the logic is wwww.sitename.fi/en/vendor/vendorname (if I exptraolate how your solution would look like ;-), the ‘en’ code being the language code for the active language.

    What now happens is that the shop description does not have a language code set and the system ignores the page. Product pages do work.

    WooCommerce is supported by QtranslateX using a small additional plugin, I think the same model would also work for WC Vendor.

    The idea ofcourse is that the Shop name and the full shop description should be available in all the different languages.

    Jan-Philipp Wittrin

    Hi Ben,

    sorry, I was in the desert and dealing with many other issues.

    The environment:
    Qtranslate X is a proper alternative to WPML which has kind of an annoying overhead.
    With QtX vendors can directly translate there products and don’t have to have translator rights and all what WPML needs.
    It is quite intuitive and has a long WordPress history. Also a history of constant struggle with bugs. But usually a very vibrant community to sort this out.

    The problem:

    The free WC Vendors just works fine in combination with Qtranslate.

    The issues in the Pro Version appear on the Vendor Pro Dashboard. The only page that is loading is the Dashboard (with the sales report) as such, but all the links: “Products Orders Coupons Ratings Settings” are not working when I activate it. As soon I turn qtx off it is working again.

    I hope that helps to understand. Maybe you guys can replicate the problem by installing Qtranslate X https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/

    Cheers, jp

    WC Vendors Support

    This one is all you to figure out. We can’t stop development for features and fixes while we investigate the new “flavor of the month” plugins for compatibility. If there’s a problem with Qtranslate, you and the community can figure it out, and tell us how to fix it. There’s a million (literally) WordPress plugins. We cant make them all sing and dance together. If you spot something we can do to make it better, tell us what that is, and we will happily update for you. But as for as the diagnosis of it, that’s all up to you on this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jan-Philipp Wittrin


    I understand your frustration, but please understand mine.

    Qtranslate is one of the three big Multilanguage plugins. So, it might be worth investigating it, since you know your product best.

    I asked you, if you don’t mind to replicate the problem. Your answer would be fair enough for a free plugin. But I paid a lot of money for your product, and all I get is an unfriendly โ€œflavor of the” hour answer and a plugin that does not work under pretty normal work environment.


    WC Vendors Support

    All of the strings in WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro are fully translatable. Why doesn’t it work in “Qtranslate”? I don’t know. The language mo/po files and their loading is the extent of our language support.

    There is an outstanding bug issue that the strings are not working on the Pro Dashboard, which Jamie added an hour ago. My assumption is that when he fixes that it should most likely work just fine.


    Jan-Philipp Wittrin

    Hello Ben,

    I have good news. Remember I made the virgin installation to find this Mark shipped bug.

    Well, I just use this to install WC Vendors Pro V 1.0.5 and Qtranslate X.

    Et voila. The Pro Dashboard internal links are working.

    So it must be some major other f**k up on my main installation that ruins my other dashboard, or it is the earlier Pro Version that troubles.

    It is not translating though. Is the Pro Dashboard already localized, or do I need to translate the strings myself?

    I am very happy that the links don’t produce a 404 anymore!



    WC Vendors Support

    The Dashboard for Pro won’t translate, until the next update. You can prepare the strings, but they won’t “apply” until Jamie fixes it for 1.1.0.

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