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    Does it work?


    Can’t wait for this feature on the next release. I desperately needed different option for shipping as well. By weight will be the best solution for my store. Thanks for the hard work guys!


    I do not believe a weight option will be added in at this point– but work is currently still being done.

    However, I do know that Jamie is working hard to add some nice new options to the next major release so that we all have some more shipping choices for vendors.
    These options will not cover all scenarios, but there will be more options for the vendors to set such as: MAX shipping cost $ (set at store level), Flat rate of $ no matter how many products (set at store level), Free shipping if order is over $, etc.

    We will know more details in the near future, and I will update as I know more.


    Thanks Anna!



    Is there an ETA of when the next major release will be? I also have issues with shipping.


    What issues are you having with shipping? Or are you just wanting more options?
    I do not have a release date for the next update.


    Hi Anna,

    It is basically the same issues previously discussed. The per product shipping isn’t ideal for us in some cases. For example, I have a vendor that sells nut spreads. It costs her $6.80 to send up to 5 jars together. However if a costumer tries to buy the 5 jars the system will show $34 of shipping (5 x 6.80).
    I am trying to figure out if somehow we can simplify it on our end. We created “packages” – ex – 4products package for one-shipping-cost. But it doesn’t always work for the vendors either.


    I do believe some of the options we will have in v1.4.0 will be beneficial then to your marketplace.
    I do understand your dilemma, and am eagerly looking forward to the new shipping choices for my marketplace as well for the same reasons. Jamie has been able to figure out how to offer quite a few more options- obviously, not everything that everyone wants, but certainly more options that we have now. 🙂

    Obsi Dian

    A slightly related question – when the new per-order shipping comes in, will there also be the ability to set a per-order discount coupon code, so vendors can set something like a code to do a $5 off an order – rather than the per-item as it currently is?


    I am having issues too where shipping for 5 products it 5x the shipping…


    Is there any information about the release for 1.4.0?


    Hi everyone,
    We have used formulas in our shipping classes to help reduce shipping costs for multiple orders until more options become available through WC Vendors. For example, we offer free shipping if someone orders more than 1 product from the same vendor. We therefore have a separate shipping class for each vendor and use the following formula: X – (X * ([qty] – 1)) where “X” is the cost of shipping” and “qty” is the number of products ordered. So, for example if a vendor charges $10 shipping the formula would be: 10 – (10 * ([qty] – 1)). If a customer orders one product they would pay $10 shipping, if the customer orders more than one product they would pay no shipping costs. You can also have a different shipping class for each product, and using this formula offer free shipping if the customer orders more than one of the same product (you can modify the formula to charge a set shipping price regardless of how many products are ordered, as with the jars).

    Anna – what we really need is for the customer to be able to see at checkout which shipping is related to which vendor. Currently it is very difficult for the vendor to correlate shipping cost to vendor when they check out. Will this be included in the next release?


    Thank you Liat @litzou, for sharing.

    Wyatt H

    Hello everyone, These comments have been helpful!

    I too have a question, are vendors themselves able to activate the “Product Qty Override National” checkbox in their vendor pro dashboard?

    Currently, this checkbox is in the Woocommerce> settings> shipping> Vendor Shipping. I need a specific vendor to have this setting checked but I don’t want to activate it to all vendors. Is this possible?

    The current Table rate in Vendor shipping is great for adding the additional shipping charge per province. Now, if there could be an additional table rate for item count, vendors would be able to set their shipping prices perfectly! 🙂



    are vendors themselves able to activate the “Product Qty Override National” checkbox in their vendor pro dashboard?

    If you are using Flat Rate shipping, then yes.
    For some reason the Product QTY override for more than one of the SAME product is showing for Country Rate int he admin. It SHOULD NOT.. because this feature is only available for Flat Rate. This error will be fixed int he next update.

    Craig Hanson

    The solution you provided above looks very promising!!

    Question for you – does this allow each vendor to set up shipping charges based on “distance” using postal/zip codes?

    For example:
    Vendor can set up a “local delivery” (something delivered in the same city – identified through postal/zip codes) – lets say $6.00
    and then one cost for the rest of the country? – lets say $20.00

    So if the customer’s shipping address is in the postal code range that the vendor defined as “local” then they get charged the $6.00 and when a customer is outside of that Local range then they are charged the $20.00

Viewing 15 posts - 51 through 65 (of 65 total)
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