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    Refunds & Complaints.

    one thing lacking, is refunds and complaints management

    so ticket support deals with one part, (awesome support) also links to each product so a ticket can be opened via the customers order.

    but whats missing is being able to step in and call a refund.

    iv read the forum via a search, im aware its partly paypal or stripe so il say paypal for now. stripe is via stripe. but if using paypal then it should be doable from the wc vendor dashboard.

    as a working example (wp lister) can and in combo with woocommerce, issue a refund or any amount from the sale, right within the woo order page. loads of hot bits that could be implemented from wp lister im sure.

    thats the jist 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    Why would you want vendors to be able to refund the buyers?

    Your Scenario: Vendor A lists a product that gets denied. Vendor takes revenge. Vendor refunds everyone even though Vendor has already been paid and has no money in PayPal to back the refund, fucking the site admin in the rear end (hard).

    No way. 🙂

    Support ticket-wise, there’s already a number of plugins that accomplish support tickets. But we are coding our own Product Q&A that way customers can directly ask a vendor a question, without the need to use WooThemes Product Enquiry Form and save money.

    Food for thought.


    no no so the store owner can call a refund.

    ie vendor doesn’t resolve a issue. store owner or admins can step in.

    also q&a , it would be better as both a private ticket and q&a, both awesome support and anspress plugin accomplish both. product enquiy didnt work for me, awesome and anspress do. its just the ability for say a admin to escalate a ticket with final action of a refund. or forcing the vendor to refund.


    as said woo does this only with wp lister, in short it also adds in the paypal payment id with refund amount box. under that set up, not using vendors, it obviously deducts from teh store owner, but using wc vendors. it would hopefully do so from the vendors payment. ie calling a refund.

    or would it be a case of going to paypal to open a case, surely we can’t expect the buyer to make a claim, ie if the vendor doesnt fix a situation. then the store owner should be able to say, hey thats not on and make the refund. taking back his payment and giving it back to buyer. otherwise what credibility can a store have if it can’t even call a refund. 😉

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    WC Vendors Support

    Jamie told me last night he’s going to code in a full blown support system towards the beginning of the year. So I suppose that’s another feature to look forward to. 🙂

    Karen Thomas

    Wow can’t wait and chuffed to bits you’re also going to replace the need for the Product Enquiry Plug In!
    Ideally the communication between customers and buyers would all be available within the dashboard like messages in Ebay. If that would be possible it would be awesome! Thank you! 🙂


    excellent stuff , i agree with Karen it would be so awesome 🙂

    so im glad to see its not just on the cards but planned. its every bit being in place, that is pulling this plugin together bit by bit, shipping is as fundamental as refunds and complaints.

    also, and a little testing today,, the admins can issue a refund from woocommerce orders page assuming vendors not been paid, Ben cant believe you didn’t notice and tell me that lol. some how i missed that before my post, but glad i did 🙂

    so il conclude by some suggestions, much similar, some how the refunds needs to be integrated along with communications. hook into the woo data. its all there already, refunds via paypal, any amount can be then negotiated and entered actioned by the vendor etc. tbh much as it works in the woo order page plus the communications side of it, almost putting the admin view of the order page/refund area version of things into the vendor view.

    so vendors can manage their own returns, refunds and communications, but admins can do it for them if they don’t thus giving that buyer confidence!, not sure how that figures with paypal. but like ebay, if its refunded, the seller should be docked of their funds from the sale.

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    WC Vendors Support

    Yup, any time an order goes from “processing” or “completed” to “some-other-status” the commissions are marked as reversed, IF they have not already been marked paid.


    Hi. What happend with this “refunds and complaints management”

    WC Vendors Support

    Short answer: We spent time coding features more than a small handful of people wanted… Just was not anywhere near the demand for this so we did other stuff.

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