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    Hello everyone,

    I have the WC Vendors Pro plugin and I am looking for advise for where I should rent a server to host my Marketplace. I was looking at Amazon AWS or a VPS from other random companies.

    1.Does anyone have experience with a Private server?

    2.What are the pros/ cons of a private server vs shared. (except cost, I know that one! 🙂 )

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Yes, I have. But I want to know what wanna ask? Ask in detail so that I can help you out in my own ways.

    Pros of VPS
    – More Secure Hosting Option
    – Extremely fast & powerful
    – Scalable & flexible
    – Ideal for big/data heavywebsites & business

    Pros of Shared
    – Extremely affordable & a good entry level option
    – Conveniently easy to operate
    – Better Technical Support
    – Ideal for smaller websites

    Cons of VPS
    – More expensive than shared
    – Only virtulized sever access.

    Cons of Shared
    – No control over performances.
    – Limited administrative access.

    Vending Plus

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    WC Vendors does marketplace hosting. Beat our price — I dare you to try — we sell it at cost as a value add service to folks like you who need hosting.

    Our servers have around 5-10 websites on each of them — total. Not 5000 like godaddy. That’s it. And these are fast webservers, 32 core Xeons with 128GB memory and 3Gbps connections to all the backbones of the interwebs!

    So, if you think is fast, come join us on the same hardware and servers. Our hosting is more expensive than crappy shared hosting (obviously!) but waaaaaay cheaper than the big players like wpengine/siteground/cloud providers, and the stack is designed specifically for WordPress/WooCommerce/WCVendors in mind.

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    Hi Ben,

    I would love to know where are servers located, as I need fast one for Europe.
    And what an agreement looks like and where are your company located.

    Thanks and have a nice day:)

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    @arondight if you choose us, your physical webservers location is in Montreal QC CA.

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