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    So I was trying to find a solution of charging my customers by the distance between their locations and sellers’ locations, but couldn’t find anything suitable. I have found few plugins who does similar job like different shipping charge between warehouse and shipping location using Google API, but they deal with only one specific location as warehouse. I actually have several vendors who have warehouses in different locations.

    FYI, I have set a meta field that collects vendor’s latitude and longitude using Google Api.

    An example:

    Vendor 1 – Location 1 Vendor 2 – Location 2

    A customer places order from vendor 1. Customer’s location is in Location A. API will calculate the distance between the cart item’s vendor’s location, which is Location 1, and customer’s location, which is Location A.

    Check the cart item's Vendor
    Get the location of Vendor
    If Location 1 to Location A = 3KM,
    Shipping Charge is 50;
    If Location 1 to Location A <= 5 KM,
    Shipping Charge is 100;
    Shipping Charge is 150;

    So, How do I do it?

    N.B: I just don’t find any plugin for distance shipping charge that works well with WC Vendor plugin. Even if you manage to give me any link of any plugin that does this job, that would be appreciated too.


    We do not have a feature link this in our vendor shipping module for WC Vendors Pro.. and I am not sure of any of the woocommerce shipping plugins that would work without custom coding for this type of scenario- and for vendors to be able to choose rates and receive the shipping funds with their commission. This would also involve geo-location possibly, as well.
    I would recommend you speak with a developer at https://codeable.io for a quote for a custom coded solution for your website.


    Hi, thank you for your reply. I was hoping you guys would come up with this feature in PRO. I have set geo-location for every vendor on my site. But, I have limited knowledge in wordpress and can’t go any further 🙁

    Let me check the link you posted if it helps me within budget. Thank you once again.

    N.B. Last time I checked, your name was Anna if I’m not mistaken.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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