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    I am interested in WC Vendord PRO, but i have the next questions:

    1) Shipping: If the customer buy products to different sellers, will wc vendor pro add the two sellers shipping cost?
    For Example:
    Seller1: CD1 (15$) CD2 (15$) Shipping (8$)
    Seller2: Book1 (12$) Book2 (12$) Shipping (7$)
    Total: 15 + 15 + 8 + 12 + 12 + 7 = 69$

    2) Shipping: Can WC Vendors put different prices if the customer buy 1 product or 100 same products? Or configure the shipping cost with the weight?
    For example:
    1 – 5kg = 6$
    5,01 – 8kg = 7$
    And if the customer buy two product with 3kg, for example: book1(3kg) + book2(3kg)= 2Books(6kg). Shipping price 7$

    3) Commission: Can WC Vendors send the comissión automatically being in the same order different sellers?

    4) Multilenguage: Is wc vendor compatible with any multilenguage plugin? Is any plugin recommended?

    5) Support: When i buy WC Vendors PRO for my customers (I Am Web Eccommerce Designer), and i have any proble or question, in how many time will you answer my questions?

    Thank´s! ; )

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi @guremedia

    1.) Yup! In version 1.1.0 of Pro, released in a week, we will have our shipping module that does exactly this.

    2.) Not with weight, no, but the vendor can set a flat price for shipping a single product, a group of products, and a minimum/maximum shipping charge.

    3.) Yup. As long as you use PayPal Adaptive Payments (included) or our Stripe Gateway & Commissions plugin (click “Our Plugins” on the top menu bar).

    4.) It’s fully translatable — It’s just up to you to do the actual translations. If you do make a valid translation mo/po file, email it to us and we’ll included it in all future updates and give you credit for it. 🙂

    5.) Well, this is the fifth question so far, so you know we’ll answer at least five times! 🙂 But in reality, we’re always here if you have questions. Some members here need no support, some members here ask a handful of questions every day for the last year. Whatever you need, we got your back.




    Thanks Ben!

    Ok,now what i should to buy, WC Vendors PRO or Dokan? Which is better for my customers? Which is the difference? WC Vendors Pro y Cheaper than Dokan and is better? I think that the support is more important that the price. I need help to choose.

    Thanks! ; )

    WC Vendors Support

    Dokan is OK, it does work, the biggest problem I have with wedevs is that any time I have a question with WP User Front End it takes them a week to reply. It’s expensive, their addons are expensive, it’s just nuts. Look at their support forum. Look how long it takes them to answer a question. It’s terrible. And often when they reply, it’s a worthless reply. If Dokan was perfect, I’d use Dokan instead of WC Vendors. Why write something twice? No need to replicate. WC Vendors and Pro is the best there is. Try them all. You’ll end up with us in the end. It’s a decision you should make yourself, I just know you’ll end up with us. 🙂

    PS — Pro is $99 till December 1st, then the sale is over, and it’s $149.


    jeje! Ok Ben I am your next customer. I deserve a small discount xD

    Thanks for all Ben!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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