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    Arvid Viderberg


    Having a bit of panic here. All my vendors shipping cost are added to the checkout sum except for one.
    I’ve tried to create new products on the vendors dashboard but the shipping still won’t be added.
    As you can see in this link, there is a shipping added to the product (in swedish shipping == frakt), but when you add the product to cart, there is no shipping cost…

    Help! 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    Says shipping to Sweden is $26. When I add it to my cart Shipping costs are calculated once you have entered your home address. Your site doesnt allow me to estimate shipping on the /cart/ page so I had to register an account. When I do, it doesnt ask me for a country, either (user bentest you can look in wp-admin not sure if that’s even done right). Then shipping is free since presumably it doesnt know I’m “in Sweden” according to my account.

    Things to check:

    1.) Login as the vendor (User Switching plugin)

    2.) Check Dashboard > Settings > Shipping

    3.) Check Dashboard > Products > Edit Product > Shipping

    If no rate is entered for “International” shipping, or it’s not disabled, shipping Internationally is free. That’s my guess.

    Arvid Viderberg

    Hi @ben!
    Buyers are locked to Sweden only.
    However, when I try buying as a user with country set to Sweden, I’m still not getting any shipping cost..
    I’ve already logged in and checked both settings and product. I even created a new product from the user, but still the same result..
    The most annoying thing is that it works perfectly with other vendors. 😛

    WC Vendors Support

    Is your shipping cache disabled? wp-admin > WooCommerce > System Status > Tools > [X] Enable shipment debugging (Check it, leave it checked forever).

    Arvid Viderberg

    @ben Yep 🙂

    Arvid Viderberg

    Is there a way to locate the freight cost in phpMyAdmin? Maybe I can find something there..



    It sounds like something in the database is busted for that one user. There is a few meta keys you can try however I’m not sure that will help.

    Is this at the product level or the store level that the issue is happening? It might be worth creating a new vendor and assign this product to them and see if that works. If it does then you know there is a problem with the vendor account if it doesn’t then you know there is something wrong with that product.



    Arvid Viderberg

    @ben and @digitalchild many thanks for your help. I was just about to move all the products to a new user when I saw that the vendor had not set their country. Once set to Sweden, everything worked as expected. 🙂

    Thank you very, very much for the help! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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