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    Hi! I love your plugin, it has a lot of great features. I would like to know if it is possible to create a table which calculates shipping fee based on Vendors location and customer billing address?.. I’m not sure if that’s included in Pro version, because it’s not so clear to me in the tutorial. Also, if that is possible, how can I add some other locations in Woocommerce, I mean, mi store is only going to run inside Colombia, so I need to add all the different cities so I can create a table with different rates (For example, from city A to city B, shipping fee is $5, and from city A to city B is $7, and it continues as a huge table with all the fees between cities.
    I would really appreciate your help, is the only issue that is stopping me from creating my Marketplace. Thank you.


    I made a mistake in the example: (For example, from city A to city B, shipping fee is $5, and from city A to city C is $7, and it continues as a huge table with all the fees between cities).


    For vendors to have the ability to configure shipping in a fashion close to this, you’d need to use WC Vendors Pro.
    The Vendor Shipping (in Pro) country rate shipping option will allow your to set some zip/postal code locations and also some regions or states if WooCommerce uses them.
    However, You would not be able to define by city unless these options are available in WooCommerce. It looks as if WooCommerce only uses CO for Columbia, without any states defined. 🙁


    Thank you for answering. I already fixed the issue about cities in Colombia. Now, I have different States and then for each state I have some cities added manually by me. When a customer is in checkout page he can choose state and city for shipment. My question now is: how could I set vendor city, so that I can calculate (with the table I told you in the last message) the shipping fee.
    My table says:
    – From Bogota to Calarca –> $5
    – From Bogota to Armenia –> $7
    Let’s say a vendor sets his shop in Bogota, and a customer purchases his product and chooses Armenia as shipping city, then, shipping fee must be $7.

    You can see the trial website that I’m using to figure this out (where I already added some Colombian states and cities): http://webdesign-sa.com/marketplace/
    And I created an admin for you:
    User: demo
    Passw: demo

    Thank you in advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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