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    Is this the correct settings for this?

    I thought that the vendor could override the settings on the individual product pages if necessary.

    I may have misunderstood this – see screen shot



    I think that the only way to do it is from frontend.. There are no options at the backend.. Check it out and let’s wait for the developers to clarify it!

    Karen Thomas

    Hi both,

    At the moment admins we can’t access the Vendor front end screens (but Jamie is working on that).
    Ben helped me by telling me to add a PlugIn called User Switching.
    Once you have that you’ll be able to find a User in your wp-admin screens, click on Switch User and navigate to the vendor dashboard for that user. You’ll then be able to see what that vendor sees and if you like, set their default shop postage for them – or ask them to do it themselves. I’ve got 60 plus to add so fun times ahead lol!



    Thanks nikosmdtps – didn’t think of that, made me happy!



    Yes the shipping settings are only available on the front end from the vendors view. The wp-admin will never be my focus for pro as the entire point of pro is to lock your vendors out of the wp-admin. I know some people still need it for variable products however the amount of people requiring variations is a small proportion of all our users.

    As Karen highlighted if you need to change shipping settings for a vendor you can use the plugin suggested.




    Thanks, although I will have a lot of variations and if the vendor changes things in the front end it always wipes out the variable product settings. Will the default shipping rates work on the variations?

    While we are on variations will the vendors be able to set them at some point in the future?

    (I have had user switching from the start so thought it was just part of the system, would be lost without it. Thanks to my developers for that one :))

    Appreciate the work you are doing on this.

    WC Vendors Support

    Yes, editing the variable products on the front end will wipe their settings. You are changing the product type from variable to simple when you do this, so naturally all that stuff goes bye-bye. Granted, it’s not optimal, but you *ARE* using Pro for something it’s not coded to do yet, and that’s kinda part of the risk you take. 😉 😉


    Ok – but will I be able to charge shipping on variable products in someway? I did kinda assume that as variations were set up that shipping options would apply to them.

    WC Vendors Support

    It would use the vendors default rates (pro dashboard > settings > shipping) but that would be it. You would not be able to set different shipping prices for different variations until we actually support variations.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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