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    First of all, I just bought Matt plugin last 2 week, didn’t get any support
    and finally I found this website by Ben & Jamie. Thank you for the wc vendors plugin,
    I really appreciate it.

    I have a lot of problem with the plugin, please help me to take a look at it. My website is at http://www.jelitamall.my
    I already create a vendor for test, login details is email: koya_91@yahoo.com , password : anying

    The problem is as below:

    1. At the vendor shop setting area, I put an image and some description at the “shop description” area. But it did not appear at the vendor page.

    2. From vendor dashboard > control center, when I click the link to submit a product,it did not bring to the back-end which the area to upload product. Instead, it redirected to the standard wordpress login page.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Ben,

    Thank you very much for fast response.
    Yes, I did convert to WC Vendors(hopefully I did it right, change 3 shortcodes from pv to wcv right?)

    1.) Like you said, I change to 2014 theme and it works. I will go to the theme author. Thank you.

    2.) Got it. Thanks again

    Another problem is, the vendor cant delete their own product, only can edit.
    How can I enable the vendor to be able to delete the product of their own(the one that they created)? Or is it not possible for current version?
    Thank you.


    I’m glad you got the bug nailed down and it wasnt caused by us! 🙂

    Changing the 3 shortcodes is all you needed to do, yes!

    On the vendor not being able to delete their own product:

    1.) Login to your admin page as Administrators account
    2.) Click WooCommerce / WC Vendors / Capabilities
    3.) CHECK “Edit live products”

    This will allow the vendor to then delete items from their store. It will also, of course, allow a vendor to publish live products without you approving them.



    Hi Ben,

    Thanks again, very very fast response:-)
    I think this website need a donate button. At least people like me
    that can’t contribute in others problem can give a little contribution here.

    Thanks again,cheers!


    Your very welcome Zikri. 😉

    I’m surprised at how many people want us to have a donate button. We’ll do it one day. We dont even have a PayPal account yet as everything here is free. Gotta support our drinking habits somehow. 😉


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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