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    Is the split order and per vendors shipping available on WC Vendors pro?

    can wc vendors use any woocommerce shipping plugins?


    We have a Vendor Shipping module within WC Vendors Pro in which vendors have the capability to set their own shipping rates, and then the shipping funds will be sent to them. For our Pro v1.4.0 update, we also added some further options so vendors can set a max rate per order, per product and free shipping limits,etc. It is not COMPLETELY split order yet (we hope to do this in the future) but the shipping is calculated per product, and SOME vendor shipping settings can be arranged per order.

    No, if other WooCommerce shipping plugins are used, the shipping will calculate per cart, not per order or vendor.


    I want to show original price show vender dashbourd and vender email product price show please help me….


    Please start a new forum topic.. I do not believe this issue is related.
    Also- please explain further in your new topic, as I do not understand your request.

    Reihane Callegari

    ”but the shipping is calculated per product, and SOME vendor shipping settings can be arranged per order”

    -How does one set the shipping to per order per vendor, rather than each individual product? So if someone buys 10 items from 1 seller, yghteyll get charged 10 lots of postage? This seems to be all I can do on my marketplace no matter which settings I adjust. This surely can’t be right… can someone please help me with this urgently?


    Are you using WC Vendors free only or are you also using WC Vendors Pro?
    With the Vendor Shipping module in WC Vendors Pro, there are options for vendors to set their own rates, including a maximum per order and per item.. and it can be overridden on a per product basis if needed.

    Alexander Winter


    how far are you at developing the split order functionality? This would be a very helpful feature for our marketplace and we are looking forward for it.

    Kind regards


    We do not have a timeline for this yet. Possibly something we’ll get to in the future.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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