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    WC Vendors Support

    Try deactivating and reactivating Pro. Let me know if that helps.


    Hi Ben,

    I am having the same problem with the Store Banner (no store name either) and Store Icon not showing up on the store pages. The “Store Description” and all of that store’s products appear.

    I noticed I had Pro v1.2.1 and then deactivated, renamed the folder associated with v121, then was able to install and activate v1.2.2. Still no Banner or Icon. I believe it was working when I had v1.2.0, if that clue helps.

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Mark,

    There’s 3 things it could be, I’ll start in the order of the most probable and go to the least probable.

    1.) Your theme might suck, and not be 100% WooCommerce compatible. This will help you debug if it’s the theme or not:


    2.) You may have your header settings incorrect. See the attached screenshots to check those settings.

    3.) Something else, but most likely not — the upgrader for Pro might not have run all the way when you updated from v1.1.5 to v1.2.X. If you had it working with any version of v1.2.X before, it won’t be this. But if it is, I can give you code to migrate it manually and it only takes a second to run.


    WC Vendors Support

    Woops! I’m too click happy. I forgot to attach the screenshot of the settings page for #2. Here it is:


    That fixed it. Turned out to be on the “Pro” tab per your screen shot above. The store header was set to FREE instead of PRO.

    Also, have some follow up questions on the CSS of the store, but I will look into the store templates first and post again, if necessary. Thanks

    Reihane Callegari

    I can upload my store banners but even with super high resolution (looks great upon upload) they are turning up insanely blurry and grainy when actually on the site!

    Cant find a way to get around this. Please help, looks so awful!!!


    What theme are you using?
    This can often be fixed with css…

    Malavika Gupta

    I having the issue where the store banner or icon is not showing on the Shop/store page. The store banner shows on the single product page

    1) I have the latest version of Pro 1.4.3
    2) The store header is set to Pro with Store Shop Header enabled.
    3) I wrote to the theme author. This is what they say.

    We do have woocommerce.php in X. We just have it displayed differently because we are using stacks. In each stack, there is a slight variation. But we do use this code:


    // =============================================================================
    // —————————————————————————–
    // WooCommerce page output for Ethos.
    // =============================================================================


    <?php get_header(); ?>

    ” role=”main”>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>


    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    We are not sure of how WC Vendors display the banner image since we do not have experience with the mentioned plugin. The banner should have been displayed as we are using the same woocommerce.php content.

    Malavika Gupta

    Hi Ben, Anna

    Can you please suggest on this? I am not sure what to do next.


    Malavika Gupta

    I was able to get the store banner to show on the vendor store page but it appears below the background image. Is there a way to remove the background image, I am using x theme.


    I am sorry but this is a question you will need to ask your theme author; I have not worked with the X theme and I do not know how they code in the background image.

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