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    Joey Bordelon


    I have a few questions to clarify things. I am a bit lost after my first order trying to figure these things out. An order was placed for my own products that I am selling as a vendor on my own store.

    1) The email I got for the order says Commission subtotal $104.46 and shipping subtotal $20.00.

    2) When I login to my Stripe account it says My next transfer for this order is $131.85

    3) My Admin Stripe account says I received $3.75 commission on the order. (Initially my store commission rate was set to 10%)

    4) My vendor dashboard says I am being paid $101.96 for the 4 products sold.

    None of these numbers are adding up to me. I can see where the vendor dashboard may not be showing the shipping passed on to vendors, but $101.96 + $20 shipping does not equal the $131.85 Stripe is saying my next transfer is for.

    The commission subtotal in the email sent to vendor says $104.46. I can see see if this was before the stores commission was taken out since this is a subtotal, but $104.46 – $3.75 (what stripe is saying my admin account is being paid for this order) does not equal $101.96 instead equals $100.71.

    I can calculate stripe fees of 2.9% + $.30 on a $139.96 order to be $4.36. My commission on a $139.96 order should be $13.996. If commission is not charged on shipping then my commission on $119.96 should be $11.996. Stripe fees on a total order add up to $4.36. Neither $13.99 or $11.99 minus Stripe fees of $4.36 equals the $3.75 I am being paid.

    Also no idea why the commission is different in the email sent to vendor then when they login to their dashboard.

    Can you please help me? I am willing to pay you to either explain this to me or tell me what is going wrong in all of this. Also I know somewhere I saw whether to charge the Stripe fees to me or the vendor. Is this a Stripe setting or something you guys built in?



    Hi Joey,

    Did you test this in test mode at all? That’s a lot of math. 🙂


    Joey Bordelon

    Not the commissions no. I tested orders to make sure things went through. I did not test commissions really, just the gateway itself. I pushed the site live and got our first order and that led to me being really confused on all the numbers as well. Nothing is adding up at all. Everything seems to be functioning properly.

    1) The clients order was placed.

    2) Vendor is receiving a payout

    3) Store is receiving a payout

    4) Shows the order and commission in the dashboard

    Problem is that nothing adds up correctly and I don’t know why each of us is getting paid what we are. Scary!!!! Not to mention the commission subtotals in the email sent to vendors with the order is different from the commission paid to vendors in their dashboard. I am so lost and don’t want to lose money here! ha



    Shoot me an admin username/password and your site URL, I’m gonna hop on and check settings real fast.


    Joey Bordelon

    Username: admin

    Password: !ITDepartment11



    Aah. Variable products. Pro does not support Variable products yet. It cant calculate the commissions correctly for variations at all. Once v1.3.0 is released, then it can.


    Joey Bordelon

    Yikes. Ok. So this is my problem? So even if I input them like I have, I won’t get paid a commission on these products or something? 🙁

    1) I know you hate these questions, but any idea when that may be released?

    2) Also, I know I saw somewhere where I can control whether the vendor pays Stripe fees or whether I pay the Stripe fees. Is this with your plugin or somewhere else?

    3) Is commission calculated on just the item price or shipping as well? For this particular order, the customer was charged $20 for shipping and I believe I paid the Stripe fees on that $20 so just wondering if I get paid a commission on that shipping as well. If not, I may have to try and set this up so the vendor pays their own Stripe fees as their shipping could eat my lunch on my commission.



    Well, kindof. It’s your problem right now. 🙂 But at the same time it’s our problem to code v1.3.0. 🙂

    1.) Month

    2.) That’s not an option in our software, it’s probably from somewhere in there if at all.

    3.) Shipping is either 100% to vendor, or 0% to vendor. If enabled, vendor gets all of the shipping.

    What you CAN do for now, which isn’t ideal, but would work, is disable Pro and use Free. Then your vendors can still use the wp-admin interface to add variable products, commissions will work, etc… And when v1.3.0 comes out, upgrade and activate it. I do feel bad for this situation, but at the same time, we’ve always been pretty clear that Pro doesnt support variable products. Good for both of us that we’re working *every day* to add the supporting code for variations and attributes and that will solve the problem in the near future.


    Joey Bordelon

    Thanks Ben. I know you guys are always working hard to fix things and give us new options. I appreciate it. I will figure out some way to handle my vendors with variable products until the release of 1.3.

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