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    I have an issue with the Stripe + Commissions addon. I’ve set up 2 accounts on stripe, one for the site owner and one for test vendor. I’ve linked the stripe accounts and created 2 products, one for each WP account, both at €100. The “Default commission (%)” is set up in the settings to 90. I added both products to the cart, so the vendor should receive €90 and site owner should receive €110, but when I make a payment the full €100 goes to the vendor. When I go to the “Commission” menu under Woocommerce it says €90.00 paid to the vendor, but on stripe it says €100 on both vendor and main account. What may be the issue?

    Thank you,

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    Sorry, I didn’t notice the Application Fee in the Stripe dashboard. It works flawlessly, thank you! 🙂



    And also I posted in wrong forum, sorry, you can remove my post 😛



    Glad you got it all sorted. Moved the topic to the Stripe forum. Have fun!



    I set up Stripe, and in test mode, everything worked flawlessly. Now in Live mode, my vendor gets all of the commission, and I only get the application fee. I have set the commission to 90% +.35 in my WC Vendors Pro, but not working Live. What could I be doing wrong?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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