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    I found WCVendors via searching online for “Woocommerce and Stripe Connect”.

    Is WCVendors a similar plugin to WooCommerce Vendors? Do they do the same/similar thing?

    Stripe Connect is a key feature I’m looking for so that Vendors (and myself as a store owner) can get paid at the same time.

    Can WCVendors be used WITH Woocommerce Vendors? Or are they a similar thing? And does Stripe Connect work reliably?


    They are similar plugin, yes- but WC Vendors- and especially WC Vendors Pro – are more feature-rich than WooCommerce Product Vendors. Both provide multi-vendor capabilities for your WooCommerce shop.

    With Stripe Connect- our Stripe Commissions & Gateway Plugin https://www.wcvendors.com/product/stripe-commissions-gateway/ – both the admin and the vendors are paid their commission at checkout. The split occurs instantly at checkout. The vendors need to have their own Stripe account connected to your site (your Stripe connect platform) and then they can receive their funds into their own Stripe account at checkout.

    I, and the vast majority of the users of this Stripe plugin, have had no issues with it. I have been using it on my marketplace for over a year and had no issues.

    I’ll be glad to help you with any other questions you may have.


    + I am a developer and had worked on all major Multi-vendors powered by Woocommerce, WCVendors is more developer friendly well documented, great support as compare to other multivendors pro/free and obviously rich featured with decent user interface.


    Ah great that sounds good.

    I have 2 further questions.

    1. Does the Stripe Connect have sandbox functionality available? So I can test the transactions go to my Stripe as well as all the vendors?

    2. Can I use Stripe Connect with the basic version? Or do I need Pro?

    3. Does Stripe Connect and WCVendors work on multisite setups?



    1. Yes- Stripe has a testing mode and a live mode- I think they call them development mode and Production mode. You can use the development mode in Stripe and also check the testing mode in wp-admin > woocommerce > settings > payments > stripe connect, and then you can run test transactions.

    2. You can use it with WC Vendors free and/or WC Vendors Pro- both.

    3. No- we are not compatible with wp multi site.


    Thanks Anna

    Regarding 3 (multisite) can I install it on the network but activate individually? Or does it straight not work at all?



    I have not attempted this, so I do not know. You’d have to test and see if it would work in this fashion.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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