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    As my title says, stripe connect is not loading the modal. I went into woocommerce > settings > stripe connect, and unchecked “Enable Stripe Checkout”, and if that’s the case, the credit card details field shows up, but then credit cards are not correct, even though they are.

    In one of the previous threads, I saw that you said this might be a problem related to some themes. How do you suggest I fix this issue if I need to use Enable Stripe Checkout and when I click Enter Payment Details button, nothing happens and the page moves to the top.

    Looking forward to your answers!

    PS: I am using Porto 2.5.4, have SSL for secure checkout, and I am using WP version 4.4.4

    I attached a screenshot. Thanks



    I tried it in firefox instead of chrome. Seems firefox loads a little slower, and I was able to quickly take a screenshot before it disappeared. Maybe this will help. See screenshot.




    Sorry for these posts. I found another thread that talked about this issue and said to deactivate the woocommerce stripe gateway, and i did, and it works.

    Now my problem is that the modal pops up, I enter my payment info, and then it gives a little green checkmark. After this, it goes back to the cart page, and scrolls up. I get no order confirmation, and I checked my stripe account for any funds deposited, and it’s not there. The weird this is, I got a text message from stripe thanking me for saving my payment with them, (since I added my phone number in their checkout modal).

    I then checked my test customer’s accounts page, and the order is pending, awaiting payment.

    So any thoughts why the order never went through and I was never re-directed to the confirmation of an order, and why the payment is not showing up in stripe in neither my account or the test vendor’s account?

    Thank you again, love your plugin!



    I’ll try to do some testing on this.
    I use the WC Vendors Stripe Connect Gateway, but I do not use the modal/stripe checkout.
    I found it annoying and I prefer the regular checkout page.. so I have stripe enabled, but the stripe checkout disabled.

    I’ll let you know if I can replicate anything like this when I enable the stripe checkout modal for testing.



    Hi Anna, thanks for responding to my request. After a bit of trial and error, I have found a few hints but no solution. I turned off stripe checkout, so that the modal isn’t used. The fields show up on the page. After I enter a real credit card, have all the right secret keys in place, turned both the plugin and the stripe account to “live”, and click to submit the payment, the page waits 1 second and then scrolls up, as if to tell an error message. No order or payment goes through.

    I believe I once got a red error message saying something along the lines of invalid card, and suggested to use java in the browser. When I did a modal test payment on normal woocommerce stripe, instead of wc vendors stripe, it thought I was still in test mode, even though everything was set to live.

    In addition, when I click on the manage cards button, and go to that page, it says there are invalid strings for month, year, active card etc on line 78 in file gateway-stripe.php, as well as on line 251 in file /classes/class-wc-gateway-stripe.php in the area of “card ending with” in the checkout fields, as shown in the screenshot above. I have attached another screenshot below to show you what my normal checkout looks like without the modal.

    Any thoughts? I appreciate your time and help, Anna.



    Update: scratch the issue where woocommerce stripe thought I was in test mode. I figured out I had the live/test keys mixed up. Everything else has remained true though.



    Update: Consulted with Stripe. They see the connect account is connected to my main account, and everything is working on their end. It is something to do with the plugin.



    Update: I am using stripe connect without the stripe checkout, so the credit card fields are directly on the page.

    When I tried checking out, with the WC Vendors Test Gateway enabled, I get this error message:

    “Error: “Please make sure your card details have been entered correctly and that your browser supports JavaScript.”

    It is a correct credit card, and the browser does support Javascript. Perhaps this error will help you point you in the right direction.



    Another update: A person at stripe said it sounds like either Checkout or Stripe.js isn’t creating a token, but they’re not sure.

    Would really appreciate a response here! I have paid for the vendors pro plugin as well a few months back.



    I’ve been unable to recreate this with my testing.

    Please try deactivating all plugins except Woocommerce, Wc Vendors, Wc Vendors Pro and the Wc Vendors Stripe Connect/Gateway Plugin. In addition, please download and activate the Storefront theme while testing:

    Then test.

    Please do the following:

    1. make sure your stripe live and stripe test keys are correct.
    2. set your woocommerce > settings > checkout > stripe connect > test mode to CHECKED (enable test mode).
    3. go to your stripe dashboard, and in the top left corner, make sure it is switched to test mode.
    4. connect a vendor in test mode (use a vendor that you can delete after testing, as credentials entered in test mode will not save right for the vendor in the future).
    5. List a product using that vendor.
    6. Test a transaction with that product (use another user account as the customer), try to check out using Stripe.

    Let me know if it works correctly.



    Hi Jamie & Ben,

    After having several professional developers look at the issue on codeable, they have determined that you are calling a non-existing function called stripe_request in file class-wc-gateway-stripe-subscriptions.php on line 157 and 194, and therefore the plugin cannot work. We have managed to get a payment to go through, but by no means through the stripe connect system, which the plugin is designed for. Can you please respond to the developers (and staff) at codeable so they know what their next step is?



    I’ll pass this on to Jamie…
    I have been using this Stripe Connect plugin for over a year and am able to process transactions without issue. So, I do not know why this is happening in your case.
    We’ll see if Jamie has some ideas. Thanks, ShawnM.



    Hi Anna, regular products checkout fine with stripe connect (which is probably what you’ve experienced for over a year), but this plugin does not work with subscription products.



    Oh, well that does alter the information.

    I was unaware that the issues are tied to subscription products.

    What subscription plugin?



    class-wc-gateway-stripe-subscriptions.php inside the wc vendors stripe connect plugin. It seems the file wasn’t finished




    Subscriptions are not supported that is why it doesn’t work. That file was left in as legacy code. Subscriptions support needs to be added and will be at some point.





    That is very frustrating since we make vendors pay via Stripe for their membership using the woocommerce subscription. So i need the stripe checkout to work.

    Please let me know when subscription support has been added. its very very important piece of this puzzle hahahaha.



    I added code to the Stipe Connect, it now works with subscription products. I am not support or work for WC vendors, i just got sick of waiting on them. If you still need this solution let me know.

    Also WC Vendors, if you want the code so you can include it in a future update let me know.




    I am very interested in testing your altered version of Stripe Connect to use in conjunction with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Can you provide me a github link or other way to access it?

    many thanks,


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