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    An important update to Stripe has been released. Let’s go over what’s most important:

    1.) Some sites would show “Use saved card ending in /” instead of the card numbers last 4 digits. This has been fixed, but the old if a customer deletes the old card and re-adds it, or uses a new card.

    2.) If a vendor is not connected to Stripe, commissions will no longer be marked “paid” for that vendors products, and instead will be “due”

    3.) On a small number of sites, two products purchased from one vendor would result in incorrect application_fee calculations to Stripe, shorting the admins commission amount. This has also been fixed.

    4.) Stripe v1.0.3 requires WC Vendors Free v1.8.8, OR Pro v1.2.4 and above to function properly.

    You can grab the latest Stripe form your My Account page –

    Version 1.0.3 – 22nd of March 2016

    * Added: Default language file for translations with text domain wcv_stripe_connect
    * Fixed: Marks all commissions as “paid” #10
    * Fixed: Changed how stripe initialises #11
    * Fixed: Commissions Paid to Admin wrong #12
    * Fixed: Stripe’s Saved Card info not displaying correctly #9
    * Fixed: Check commission paid on per product basis
    * Fixed: Added checks to only fire when required



    So if I have installed versions of WC Vendors Free 1.8.7 and Pro 1.2.4 the new version of Stripe will work okay? Holding off on 1.8.8 until some custom mods can be carried over.



    No. If you use v1.8.7, you WILL experience issues with commission payments. 🙂 Requires v1.8.8+



    Little off topic, but I’d purchased this plugin about a year ago, and today thought I had to purchase it again because my account was empty. But when I purchased it again today they both showed up, and now I have to of the same downloads? It’s a lot of extra cash for something I had already purchased, I know you don’t do returns but this was a glitch with your myaccount pages until I made a new purchase?

    Any way we can sort this out?


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    Hi Chris,

    Easy fix. I’ve issued a refund to your card for the second Stripe purchase. 🙂 You should see that on your cardholder statement in 3-4 business days.




    Thanks again Ben.

    Just starting to play with Pro and it’s great! Can’t wait to really get into it.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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