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    Hi, we are trying to reset our activation key from our previous domain but the ¨REMOVE¨link is not working from the downloads section of our wc vendors dashboard.



    The email you have here as a forum member is not showing any past orders.
    Please provide the email you used when ordering Pro in a private reply, and I will deactivate the active license here in our admin and you can try activating it again on your website.


    Hi ,

    The email:




    There are no WC Vendors Pro orders for that email address.



    I think I found your account.
    The key has been deactivated. Please try activating it on your site again now.


    It is already working, correctly.
    Send test screen



    I think the translation may be making this difficult.
    When you enter your key in those empty fields shown int he screenshot, are you able to activate your license now?
    Or is it still not able to be activated?

    Is it working? Or is it not working?


    When I enter the key in the empty fields appear the two triggers in green, it seems to me that a license is currently active, sending screen of what i appears .
    The only thing that seems This malfunctioning is in your page has active with another domain that is not the current and the action of the remove, does not work.



    You’re not using the email address that you used when purchasing Pro.


    I already activated it with the mail of and I did not work with this either.
    I changed the contact mail some time ago, because I lost the password of the email, now I have active for notifications this email:

    Now you can not remove the license of the old domain.
    Why now how do we change host. Domain is shortened to just
    I used to be like

    Be careful to re-activate the license


    Hi Anna ,
    If I had not read all the previous answer, but still no satisfactory answer for this issue,
    I remain attentive to give solution to this.




    I do not understand what you need.
    I deactivated the license on this end.
    I do not know what you are asking about changing your host— I cannot help with host changes.
    Are you still not able to activate the license?


    Hello ,
    You also do not understand me, what happens is that the change of domain and it was what I was referring to. When you register the purchase with the old domain that is Now as we are hosted on a different host domain only is without any addition of bub.

    That’s why when I enter a page in my control panel, it still appears with the previous domain. If you could help me remove the previous domain and put the new one. I imagine that all translation problems can arise from that.



    Try now to activate using this license key: a100c3bddc36d0c7ec50c5996711a616c59f7d9a
    Make sure you are using Pro Version 1.3.8


    Okay, I’ll be all right



    Great! Glad that it is working/activated now.

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